12 Texting Rules Every Man Must Know When Chatting with a Woman

Its high time to level up your texting game

12 Texting Rules Every Man Must Know When Chatting with a Woman
Photo by Jonas Leupe

The coronavirus scare has limited us all to our homes and put an abrupt halt to the days of partying and dating. If you are a single man stuck at home who is craving some female attention, you can try the tried and tested route of texting. Believe it or not, texting could be fun and help you connect with a woman easily. Just remember not to mess this simple activity by remembering 12 texting rules every man should know when chatting with a woman. As I am a woman too, I have tried to help you find the key to a woman’s heart via texting in these testing times.


1. Avoid Mass Texting

If you want to impress a girl, you should never send her forwarded messages. Don’t send the girl you like the message you have sent to 20 other friends. We, women, have a good sense of which message is created for us and which is for the masses. So, you better be careful as most women will not respond to such messages.

2. Grammar Matters

An important one among texting rules is that when texting a woman, it’s wise to avoid childish abbreviations (how r u should be changed to How are you?) and silly grammar mistakes (their or there). Women like men who make an effort to write clearly and possess some grammar skills. It doesn’t mean you have to use words that make her want to look at a dictionary.


3. Have Patience

When it comes to texting a woman, make sure you give her time. Don’t disappear for months and just ask her to go out via a random text. One of the simplest texting rules is to remember women don’t like men who move too fast. Similarly, don’t switch to texting to sexting too fast because as per texting rules, you might come across as creepy!

4. Avoid Dry Texting

One of the texting rules all women want men to follow is to avoid dry texting. When she wants to have a conversation, don’t make her angry by replying with an “k” or “hmm”. Use proper sentences. Also, please learn to use emojis.


5. Never Text Your Feelings

Another important one among texting rules is that you should never express your feelings via texting. Every man who hopes to learn how to become an alpha male should remember that sending a 5-page essay on your feelings over the text is just not right. Most women dislike it and prefer eye contact when you express your feelings.

6. Follow Her Pace

When it comes to texting, follow her pace. If she replies once a week, don’t send a message daily. So, not being desperate is another texting rule you should know, especially if things are still fresh.


7. Wait for the Response

Another one among texting rules is to make sure that you don’t force her to respond quickly. If she is not responding, wait for it. Don’t bombard her inbox with messages as it might come across as desperate as well.

8. Control Your Expectations

Dating rules and texting rules are different. If a woman is texting you daily, it doesn’t mean you guys are dating. Remember that she owes you nothing and learn to control your expectations (read- don’t plan a family with her in your mind).

9. Don’t Keep Score

Like everything else, texting is not perfect. So, don’t keep score of who texted last. Even if you did and she hasn’t responded, and you want to talk to her, drop her a text. But do remember an essential one among texting rules, don’t send 20 messages for 1 of hers. Learn to let go.


10. Make Things Entertaining

Humour is something every woman likes in a man. So, another one among texting rules to follow is to make use of GIFs, memes and short video clips to make the texts more entertaining and make her crave for more.

11. Remember Her Schedule

If she usually wakes up at 7 in the morning, but you wake up at 6, don’t text her at 6 and expect her to respond. One of the unsaid texting rules is to text according to her schedule.

12. Avoid Sarcasm

While most of the times, women like and appreciate sarcasm (especially if it’s not directed at them), one of the golden texting rules to remember is to avoid it during texting. If the relationship is new, she might misunderstand your tone, and you might sound rude or worst, hurt her feelings!

Which of these texting rules did you like best?