5 Essential Tips to Get Back in Shape without Quitting

Mindset is what separates the best from the rest.

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Having your fitness routine in fits and starts can be a hindrance for you to get back in shape and achieve desired results. Those long weekends turn in to hiatus and next thing you know that all your hard work has dissipated and you would need to start from scratch.

Motivation that was your synonym is not there anymore. Your sessions in gym are becoming miserable and getting out of shape is the end-game since your pizza consumption has increased along with alcohol on weekend parties.

But now you want to try and get in shape again. We have all been there. Those fitness models you get inspiration from have been there. What matters is they all get back to climb the uphill with little changes in their routine. Those changes become the differences for them not quitting.                        

Following tips will help you to get back in shape without quitting.


1. Show Up and Mix it Up

It’s true that after a long break, it’s an uphill battle to muster the courage and motivate yourself to do it again but all you need to do is just appear at the gym. Show up and start slow. Give small sessions compared to those long sessions you used to do before.

Throw in occasional, weekly or bi-weekly Yoga sessions. Keep it adventurous. Go for stretches to loosen the tension in muscles. Going straight in to weight-lifting, bench-press, or trying too hard can give you an injury. Just go with the flow. Remember, it’s all about activity.

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2. Make a To-Do List and Execute it

Knowing what you need to do before you are there will help you big time. It is a lot better to cross off a small to-do list that you have already planned within half an hour than to appear at the gym and spend hours of doing what will never serve the purpose and wear you off.

Besides, crossing off the list will give you a sense of responsibility and achievement. Start with small sets of 2-4 for different exercise. It will keep you motivated. It will give you a review of what you have been doing and when to increase the momentum.


3. Your Rest Intervals are for Recovery not Resting

Whether you have rest interval during exercise or you have day offs. Do not rest. Do stretches for the muscles you just exercised during those short intervals between exercise sets, keep moving, keep breathing.

During those intervals, avoid using your phone for social media or business news. Just use your phone for music and better go with a Spotify playlist which can last for the entirety of your gym session.

Go for a walk, do jump-rope, or meditate even just for 5-10 minutes on your rest days. Activity is essential. On rest days, those 5-10 minutes will remind you about the goal of getting back in shape.

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4. Stretching Prevents Injuries, Embrace it

We know that people try to play-down stretching since all we think of gym routines is muscles and lifts. But those muscles need rest, and stretching to prevent tightening. Stretch exercises which impact “anterior chain”, the muscles involving your front-side of body such as the core, Pecs, quads and hip flexors are as important for you as gym routine, as they help you in moving. If you can’t move well, you can’t flex well.

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5. Keep Record: Even of Before and After

Don’t be apologetic neither be shy. It’s your body. You have to take care of it. Keeping record and pictures of before and after will make you realize how far you have come and why it’s worth it. It will keep you in fitness routine. Every now and then, go for swim, loosen your body, and then take that pic in the locker. Compare it with the old and new pictures you will have.


These small tips will keep your routines adventurous, and keep you in for a long-haul to get back in shape. Try them to keep yourself motivated and to keep hitting those gym routines without failing.

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