7 Sure-Fire Ways To Get A Vacation Girlfriend  

Hookups for jetsetters

vacation girlfriend could be one of the best type of girlfriend to have. She’s up for it, doesn’t expect long-term commitment, and has no clue where you REALLY live (for anybody who’s ever dated the stalker type, this is very important).  There’s something about being in an exotic new location that gets us all worked up, and with abundance of foreign babes new to your manly charm the opportunities are certainly exponential.

Interested in meeting a girl on the go but unsure where to start? Fellas, pack your vacation clothes because we’ve got you covered.


1) Check in to a hostel

Are you traveling alone and searching for companionship?  Ding dong. A hostel is one of the best ways to meet the vacation girlfriend of your annual-leave dreams. Even if you’re not a budget backpacker, there are some unique hostels where you’ll have your own room but still enjoy the social aspect with shared common spaces. Travelers from all over the world get to know each other here and leave with new friends quite often.


2) Download Tinder Plus

Tinder is a pretty time-consuming mobile app and surely you’d rather be fondling with someone sexy than aimlessly swiping right as many times as the app lets you during your trip. Download Tinder Plus and you can modify your geographic location to your vacation destination months in advance.  Do all the swiping at home or when you’re bludging at work or at the gym, and upon arriving you’ll magically have a ready-to-go girlfriend. All that convo will assure her that you’re not some axe murderer. Plus, you’ll have a local guide that’s easier on the eye than a greasy middle-aged man with a flag and a megaphone.


3) Join some class

Joining cultural classes is a great way to meet travelers, and for some weird reason, they generally have a high girl to guy ratio (maybe because we’re just too lazy to learn something new).  Now push yourself and sign up to a cookery class in Vietnam or that meditation session in Bali, you’ll never know who else might be in the room.


4) Be brave to party alone

It seems scary and very awkward if you’ve never done it, but going to a bar alone is actually a very good character building exercise to do when you’re away without company. You’ll be forced to strike up a conversation with total strangers, and at the same time you’re going to be much more approachable to outsiders. We all need a bit of courage sometimes, so perch at the bar, order a stiff drink and find out where the night takes you. It could end well in locked lips but if not the case then at least a few new Facebook pals will be your consolation.


5) Brush up on your local knowledge

Get to know your travel destination inside out and you’ll not only help yourself out, but possibly also a pretty stranger.  Vacation spots are full of lost tourists, and when you’re in the know then you can present yourself to the damsels in distress and offer guidance.  Research the must-see sights, be familiar with the traveling and ticket-buying systems and map out the best routes.  You’re bound to find a sexy senorita who is lost in her tracks.


6) DM girls in your Instagram Location

When you’re posting a photo of a famous landmark, stop and think of all the honeys that have done the exact same thing.  Don’t forget that Instagram is pretty much real-time. So as soon as you post a photo, tap that location icon and look for ladies who are tagging the same place moments before or after you. See a cutie traveling alone or with bffs?  LIKE.  DM.  Just get her attention. If she replies you’ve hit the perfect holiday jackpot and all you have to do is recommend a cool joint to hang out afterwards (see point number five above).


7) Befriend flying females

Let’s say you’re on the plane with the pack and there are a flock of hotties heading out for their dream party vacation. We all know that the party starts at take off—so go over and introduce yourselves. What kind of girls wouldn’t want to be escorted by some strapping young lads and adopt a squad for their adventures? Note: you may need to send over your best looking mate for this tactic.  Considering that you’re all returning to the same country, if things go very well, its possible these vacation girlfriends could be actual girlfriends, too.  And if not, let’s just hope they live as far from you as possible.