8 Men’s Fashion Trends for You to Continue this Year!

New Year certainly does not mean that you leave these worthy trends behind.


A man wearing brown shirt.
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


In 2018, we saw some of the best of men’s fashion trends and it looks like those trends will be continuing in 2019 as well because it will give our empty wallets a break it rightly deserves and most of all those trends were way too good to be left behind.

It’s not necessary for you to follow the trend same as last year, you can add some changes too if you want and that is where we come in; we will help you out with how to enhance last year men’s fashion trends.


Relaxed-Leg Trousers

A pair of relaxed leg trousers.
Photo by Jonathan Pendleton on Unsplash

Over the past few years relaxed-leg trousers have become an important part of men’s fashion trends and people seem to love it due to the fact they are able to pair these trousers with different kinds of shirts. This makes the relaxed-leg trousers extremely versatile to wear. The best part about the relaxed-leg trousers is that they are extremely comfortable!!!

Pair the trousers with a denim look or a textured shirt to complete the outfit. Remember there is a thin line between looking stylish and looking like a lazy dad when it comes to these trousers so; style wisely.


Skate wear

A skater doing an Ollie,
Photo by Rob Potter on Unsplash

You know what skate wear is, right? Because everyone have pretty much followed this trend religiously so far and it looks like there is no stopping. From logo-tees to canvas belts, the skate wear trend is getting better and better.

Skate wear needs to be worn correctly or else you end up looking like a fool who put together an outfit with no thought put into it. Pair the logo-tees with the right denim or trousers, pick the perfect hoodie to go with your outfit and purchase the canvas belt which goes with more than one outfit.


The 1970s

A man wearing 70s attire.
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

The 70’s fashion made a comeback as one of 2018’s men’s fashion trends and we are so thankful because who doesn’t love to wear a retro vibe outfit? And that is exactly why we are taking along this trend with us in 2019. The retro trainers, suede jackets, silk shirts and the turtle necks make you look so stylish and it really makes you go rock & roll.

While opting for the perfect 1970’s look, wear turtle necks with high wasted trousers or wear a patterned suit and it will look like you came right from the 70s.


Tactile Fabrics

A man wearing a knitted cardigan.
Photo by Albert Dera on Unsplash

Tactile fabrics gradually became an important part of the menswear and no one is complaining about it. From velvet to silk and more the designers are experimenting more. The best part about this whole trend is the fabrics vary from season to season.

The best way to style with tactile fabrics is to layer correctly and to learn which fabrics work together well.


Standout Tailoring

A man wearing a unique and well-tailored suit.
Photo by William Stitt on Unsplash

You maybe stylish but are you standing out among the crowd? Is your suit grabbing the attention of people? If not, then start experimenting with different colours and step out of your comfort zone and make your outfit look not boring.

Be among those people with standout tailoring by knowing which colours are best for every different season. This way you will look the best all year round.



Utilitarian Menswear

A man wearing a utility leather jacket.
Photo by Ronny Sison on Unsplash

The utilitarian menswear has become a part of the essential menswear now because it’s not complicated and you look stylish as well. Recently, the designers are coming up with more and more utilitarian menswear which is the reason behind this trend will be followed in 2019 as well.

Even if you pair a simple t-shirt with a multi-pocket jacket along with the right trousers for the outfit, you will nail the utilitarian look.


Brown is in

A man wearing a brown leather jacket.
Photo by Chris Spiegl on Unsplash

The brown colour deserved more attention and it got the attention it deserved finally in 2018. We are grateful that we see more men wearing the brown colour because we adore the rusty yet extremely beautiful look of it.

Styling with brown colour is so easy because it almost goes perfectly with all the dark tones. If you pick the right shade of brown and pair with a good contrasting colour you will no doubt look the most stylish in the crowd.



Cuban collars shirt for days

A man wearing a Cuban collared shirt.
Photo by Antoine Da cunha on Unsplash

Thanks to Mr. Montana we got the Cuban collar shirts and this trend should be followed every single year because it’s that good. In the upcoming summer season make sure you buy the perfect Cuban collar shirts so you can get the sleek look you want and stay cool (literally) at the same time.

The trick is to pair the Cuban collar shirts with the right eyewear and trousers. It will upgrade your look.

P.S. the Cuban collar shirts look best on guys with narrow shoulders.

Go on and continue these men’s fashion trends from to set your game to next level.