2020 has been the worst year for most of us, and it’s even terrible for people who live alone. If you are also stuck at home alone trying to stay safe from the looming coronavirus pandemic, you should be excited to know that Tinder has launched, “Face to Face,” a feature being tested in some countries like Australia, France, Italy, and others. It is done to ensure that you can see your match and not feel lonely. In case you are eager to test this feature, but you are not sure about how to start a conversation when you come face to face with a Tinder match, then here is a list of 8 brilliant questions that will help you to connect with the girl and know her better.


Try these to start a conversation today if you are stuck at home and have gotten a green light after that swipe right on Tinder.


1. Whom Would You Prefer to Have as a Dinner Guest?

If you want to start a conversation on the right note with your Tinder match, you can ask this question to know which celebrity she likes or what kind of people she admires. It can tell you a lot about what kind of person she is.


2. Would you want to be famous? If so, in what way?

People quite love talking about themselves and fantasising and this question initiates that. This is also a great way to let her open up to you and express herself. This will also let her know that you are really interested in her because you want to know more about her. 


3. Can You Name 3 Things That are Common Between Us?

After you have broken the ice with the right question, the next question should focus on some common things. You can take it as a guessing game and explore more about the topics you can chat about in the future. It will help you to start a conversation more easily in the future. Also, make a mental list of the things you both like, such as dancing so that you can enjoy that with her when this virus scare goes away.


4. Is there Anything You Have Dreamed of Doing and Why Haven’t You Done It Yet?

It’s a reality that we all have hidden dreams and goals. So, when you start a conversation with a girl, you can ask about her dreams and her life goals. One of the things that’s on the list of what women want is deeper conversations, and when you show that you care about her dreams, it will help you to connect with her easily.


5. What is Your Greatest Accomplishment in Life?

After she has opened up about her dreams and goals, you can start a conversation about her accomplishments. You can compliment her about how much she has achieved and make her feel valued. Remember, smart women aren’t satisfied when you leave a comment on their good profile picture; they value compliments about the things they have achieved after much hard work.


6. What Would You Change in Your Life If You are Going to Die in One Year? Why?

Most people have a list of things they would like to accomplish before they die. So, if you want to start a conversation on this topic, be a little sensitive. Sometimes, women can get emotional about unfulfilled dreams, and you need to be extra careful when she does. When you start a conversation on this topic, you should also remember that women don’t like to show their vulnerabilities. Hence, if she is doing that with you, she might really like you.


7. Do this taking turns, ask each other to make three “We” statements about the both of you.

If you think you have a good insight into the woman by now and you want to take the conversation forward to reach a little bit deep inside her, you should start a conversation that talks about both of you. Ask her to make “We” statements to find out what she’s thinking and do exactly the same to let her know that your open creating a deeper connection with each other.


8. Tell her one thing that you like about her, something that you’ll never tell to a stranger and then ask her to do the same.  

Most women can hide their feelings quite well, especially when it comes to dating a stranger. So, if you think you want to start a conversation about how she feels about you, this is the perfect question. This makes people open up. The more the number of things both of you mention, the higher would be the chances that she is connecting to you. You should return the favour and compliment her generously. Also, pat yourself on the back because if she lists many things, you have now learned the art of how to impress a girl!


Now that you know how to start a conversation and break the ice, go ahead and try them out mates. You will also need to practice them. Stay tuned to Elite Men to get more dating and relationship tips so you can level-up our game.


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