9 Super Simple Ways to Improve Your Style and Look Better Instantly

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9 Super Simple Ways to Improve Your Style and Look Better Instantly


Style is not complicated. Forget about all the fashion magazines, the red carpet looks of the celebs and the always awesome-looking fashion models. You have the power to improve your style based on what you like and what suits you. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to up your style as you can use the items already available in your closet to look amazing. If you need a bit of help to up your style game then here are 9 style tips that will help you to look like a stud and make women crush hard on you.


What are you waiting for? Read and implement these tips and improve your style from today!

1. Use the Button Up Shirts

If you want to improve your style, you need to use the button-up shirts. You can wear them over your tees, wear them under your outerwear and over or under your knits. It makes your outfit more sophisticated and well-thought. It’s a look most women would admire. Do this specially this season. Don’t forget to roll your sleeves to accentuate the look. 


2. Wear the Right Frames

When hoping to look stylish, make sure that you add wearing glasses to the list. It has become as vital as following a good grooming routine because they make you look intellectual and help make any outfit more stylish. To improve your style via the right glasses if your vision is perfect, go for blue light blocking glasses as they protect the eyes. They also help you get better sleep which further helps you to look competent and smart.


3. Have a Professional Stylist

Those of you who have no idea about style or fashion might want to consider seeking the help of a professional stylist. These people study trends, body shape, lifestyle and skin tone palette to make sure you look good. Also, it will sound cool when your friends know that you have a professional stylist who is helping you to improve your style. But, if you are under budget, don’t worry, you still have us! So hit that subscribe to notifications button and be updated with the latest style trends and tips.


4. Use Patterns Wisely

Many men fear unusual patterns because they think they will not look good enough. Don’t repeat that mistake and go for the patterns that help you to draw attention to improve your style. Be confident of the fact that you will look good enough. Never hesitate to experiment. A great rule to keep in mind when using patterns is use a piece and always pair them with plains.


5. Let Go of Sneakers

Yes, we know that most of you feel comfortable only when you are wearing sneakers. But, if you want to improve your style and impress women, you need to pick shoes that are dressier than go-to sneakers. Leather shoes or boots are an excellent choice as they are super stylish, casual and comfortable at the same time.


6. Try This No-Fail Combo

In case you are always looking for epic clothing combos to improve your style, try the unbeatable combination of activewear with your daily bits. Yes, known as high-low dressing, this method usually works like a charm. i.e. Just mix any smart casual top (like a long sleeved collared shirt) with an athleisure piece (sneakers), and you will look stylish effortlessly. This one’s quite a smooth move.


7. Wear Something Fun

Life is not meant to be lived seriously. You need to have some fun too. This rule applies when you need to improve your style. To add the fun quotient to your dressing and level up your game, try wearing something with bright or strong colours with a solid, neutral colour. It will help you look different in a good way.


8. Use Undershirts

Did you know that undershirts can be classified as essential menswear now? Yes. It’s true. If you want to improve your style, invest in a couple of undershirts with V-neck and sweat-absorbent capacity. It will offer dual benefits. First, it will help limit the damage of your exterior clothes and second, it might help smooth imperfections of your body making your clothes fit well.


9. Tailor Your Jeans

Many people have a misconception that they need to tailor only their dress pants and wear jeans without any alteration. Those of you who want to improve your style game should know better. Tapering and hemming denim to get rid of excess fabric and make it fit perfectly is the new style trend. This strategy is on point as it makes your garments look clean and expensive than they are. Yes, the process will involve some effort and money, but the end-results will always be worth it!

It is high time you improve your style and improve your life! Stay tuned more style tips