A Chadwick Boseman NFT will be Included in the Oscar Nominee Gift Bag

The NFT will be up for auction on Rarible to raise funds for a colon cancer charity

A Chadwick Boseman NFT will be Included in the Oscar Nominee Gift Bag
The Chadwick Boseman NFT by Andre Oshea

Andre Oshea, a 3D artist just created a spectacular artwork featuring the late actor, Chadwick Boseman. It comes in the form of an NFT. The artwork features Boseman’s head in gold, which floats in a surreal environment.


Why Chadwick Boseman NFT is a big deal

In this regard, Oshea stated, “NFTs have really changed my creative process. Now I focus less on making clients happy and entirely on my own creative visions and explorations. I also take immense pride in being a Black man and NFTs allow me to bring that into my artwork in really cool ways.”

From 25th April to 27th April, the artwork will be up for auction on Rarible, an NFT platform. Along with that, all the sales generated from this NFT will go to The Colon Cancer Foundation (CCF). So, this Chadwick Boseman artwork has been created for a noble cause.


Chadwick Boseman passed away tragically in 2020 during the month of August, due to advanced-stage colon cancer. The actor had decided to keep his diagnosis a secret. However, after his passing, attention was brought to the fact that an increasing number of young Black men suffer from this disease.

It has a higher chance of affecting the black community. So, this Chadwick Boseman NFT supports the continuing efforts of The Colon Cancer Foundation to fight this disease. That is to be done through education, advocacy, and research.


The piece is a part of the Gift Bag titled “Everyone Wins” which is to be given to the Oscar Nominees during the “biggest night in Hollywood”. According to the artist, Andrew Oshea, this is a very special opportunity.

This Chadwick Boseman artwork also celebrates the creativity that comes from the Black community in the world of art and cinema. Along with that, it is also a tribute to Chadwick’s work as the first superhero who is of African descent, aka the Black Panther.


Overall, this Chadwick Boseman NFT artwork will not only honour his work but will also help ensure that his struggle with cancer was not in vain.

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