A New NSW COVID Case Just Got Identified in Sydney’s Suburbs

The man’s results just came back positive today

A New NSW COVID Case Just Got Identified in Sydney's Suburbs
Image: Benjamin Sow on Unsplash

The premiere of New South Wales just recently announced that a locally acquired NSW COVID case has been recorded. According to Gladys Berejiklian, there could be a possibility of more NSW COVID cases. The new NSW case has been found in a man currently in his fifties who was tested for the virus yesterday.


Details on the NSW COVID case

The man’s results just came back positive today, and according to authorities, he is possibly infected since Friday. According to the chief health officer of NSW, Kerry Chant, the man did not travel overseas or worked in a hotel quarantine system.

She further added that the authorities are hoping that genome sequencing may reveal the source of this infection. Unfortunately, it is highly likely that the infection could be local. According to Dr. Chant, the infected man has very low CT values. Hence, this NSW COVID case could be carrying a high viral load.


The Premier also mentioned that the man did what he was ought to do. All his contacts with whom he had interacted are currently undergoing NSW COVID tests. Though, MS Berejiklian expects that the cases could already be higher.

Regarded that, she added, “If there is one case and there’s no direct connection, we have to assume there are other cases. Our response will be proportionate as it always has been in NSW.”


According to Dr. Chant, this man did not necessarily get infected at the workplace. Furthermore, efforts to trace this NSW COVID case have already begun. The man could have passed the virus up to two-dozen people, all of which are currently undergoing NSW COVID tests.

Regarding this, Dr. Chant said, “Understanding the source will be really important to understand how many cycles we have seen in the community that we haven’t recognized yet,”


With that, Dr. Chant also reminds everybody that despite receiving doses of the vaccine, people must continue to isolate themselves and get tests done. This would help reduce the NSW COVID cases and keep the numbers of infected people to the minimum.

Ms. Berejiklian also stressed the same point, asking everybody to follow the COVID SOPs and health precautions with greater vigilance.


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