The Adam Project Review – A Nostalgic Netflix Time Travel Adventure

Ryan Reynolds stars as a pilot who crash-lands in 2022 and meets his 12-year-old self

The Adam Project Review - A Nostalgic Netflix Time Travel Adventure
The Adam Project. Image credit: Netflix

Last year, Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy achieved quite a lot of success with Free Guy. This year, both collaborated yet once again for The Adam Project, which is a new sci-fi movie by Netflix. Among the major influences for this film include E.T. and Back to the Future. It reminds us of the magic of Steven Spielberg and has a unique sense of nostalgia since such genres were quite prevalent in the 80s. Perhaps, that is one of the biggest reasons why audiences and critics have both given great feedback after a review of The Adam Project.

After the success of Free Guy, people really had high hopes for The Adam Project. The film revolves around Adam Reed, a fighter pilot from 2050 who travels and enters the present world. This is when he comes face to face with his young self. His younger version in the current year is 12 years old and is grieving the death of Louis, his father. His demise has made the life of his mother, Ellie, a lot more difficult. To save the future, the older Adam tries to help his younger version in thwarting the plans of Maya Sorian.


Unlike other movies that feature time travel, The Adam Project does not take a lot of time in the mechanics of time travel. Instead, it quickly puts both the younger and older Adam face to face so that they can begin their journey.

Those who have seen titles such as Back to the Future review that The Adam Project gives a weird sense of nostalgia. After all, the film takes heavy inspiration from such titles. The emotional core of The Adam Project is the relationship that the younger and older Adam have with their parents. Furthermore, the dynamics between the duo are also highly focused on in this movie’s script.


Overall, it looks like the younger version of Adam is trouble for his mother while she is trying to keep herself sane. We see how both the versions of Adams are able to get perspectives about things after conversing with each other. And, of course, the science-fiction elements further add to the entertainment. However, this is not your regular time-travel film. Instead, The Adam Project is about something a lot more and successfully manages to pull hearstrings of its audience.


Ryan Reynolds has an on-screen persona that most people know about already. But in several instances in the film, he fleshes out the character with emotional sincerity. In particular, all the interactions that he has with Zoa Saldana and Ruffalo are quite deep. These conversations really get the viewers invested deep. Scobell, on the other hand, is the perfect choice for the role of a younger Adam. The duo of a smartmouthed child and a more mature, older version of himself is indeed a first of its kind.

On the other hand, Maya is a villain who is power-hungry. A review of the script suggests that she is nothing more than a big obstacle for both the Adams. On the other hand, Turner seems to have a weak link as far as the supporting cast goes. Though, it is not about her performance but about the writing.


When it comes to time travel and science-fiction, The Adam Project did not try to reinvent anything. Most critics review this film as using the same time-travel formula but with neater concepts and visuals. But the personal stories of the characters and their strengths are really what gets the viewers invested in this film.

Indeed, both the Adams in The Adam Project seem to have great personal journeys. But there seems to be some disconnect with the plot at large. Critics review that some storytelling issues might be present in the film. While this does impact the overall rating slightly, it is not enough to totally pull the film down. This time-travel story has a fast pace with several fun moments, with a narrative that is all about accepting some losses. In this regard, The Adam Project gets the job done very well.


Overall, it looks like both Ryan and Levy have a winning formula since the director is doing more movies with the actor. The Adam Project has really generated great anticipation for the upcoming projects, as fans wonder whether an original title is underway or Free Guy 2.

The Adam Project

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