Aging Gracefully: Essential Menswear Pieces to Keep in Wardrobe

Using Time to level-up your style.

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Some things in life last long, others seem ever-lasting. Few things are gone with the age while others get better with it. Your facial wrinkles, features, skin, tone would change quickly in latter stages of your life and you can do a lot of things to prevent that such as consistent gym and yoga activity, balanced diet, swimming, and positive outlook and lifestyle.

But in this write-up, we are going to tell you about the essential menswear pieces which you need to keep that, when taken care of, will be in for the long haul and will exude that charisma of you ageing well and perhaps you can roll back few years with some of these accessories.


A Bronze Watch to Remember

One of the essential menswear pieces and the most favorite among them all is a bronze watch. Just like wine tastes finer with age, the bronze watch down the years will give you that feeling of roads long trodden and journey well traveled.

And the best metal to do that, which is equally reactive and delicate, is bronze. The metal grows in depth, and bronze gives a distinctive shape and look compared to more trendy silver, and gold. The atmospheric pressure, humidity, altitudes leave their marks on bronze. The seasons you see, the places you go to, and the life you lead will be reflected with this watch you will wear. How cool is that!


A Leather Wallet to Count

This is one accessory that you would be in need of for your entire life. You keep cards, cash, business cards, and other content. All this entails that you need to spend some time to decide on which wallet you would need and going with leather wallets will come with that feeling of been-it-for-far-too-long.


Pair of Leather Shoes to Walk

This is one of those investments which will make you look good no matter what attire you choose to wear. If you have denim, or a pair of elegant trousers; whether you have polo t-shirt or a dress shirt, a good pair of leather shoes will always go an extra mile in making you look dashing in your late 30s, and through your 40s.


Collection of Check Shirts to Conquer

If anything mellows with age and time, it’s your flannel check shirt collection. It has been donned by the presidents, the movie-stars, the rock-stars, at almost every stage of their lives and has remained one of the essential menswear pieces throughout the history. What we like about the check shirts is their transformation from bright colors to gently faded and rough layers. It absorbs the body it wears and flaunts a mellow look of you. You can never go wrong with these shirts with rolled up sleeves.


Canvas Sneakers to Charm

If you buy your low-top vans or Converse Chuck Taylors now, then few years down the road they will give a look of battered but envious pair of footwear you ever possessed. The dye on them may have faded a little bit but it will give a warmer feel and the rubber which would have melded a bit will fit on your feet with a foamy feeling. The clinical finish in choosing these sneakers is the colour. Take your time on that. If you want advise: always go with autumn colours.


Basketball Caps to Humble

If you want to impress with basketball caps, then they do take their time to become the second skin and you have to have time and patience as cotton and wool versions of these basketball caps take time to shrink with heat and moisture to finally take a shape that fits your face perfectly. The curved brims are always a plus to go.


Velvet Dinner Jacket to Impress

With velvet as fabric, each wear to party dinners moulds the fabric and in the long run, you succeed to achieve that distinctive appearance with your favourite jacket. A bow or neck ties, take your pick: because, this jacket will develop rich and softer in feel with the passage of time and due to its own decadence of the fabric, velvet.


Raw Denim Jeans to Rule

If you are a boy or a man but don’t have that old pair of raw denim jeans which always fits comfortably on you even after the long years then you haven’t lived it. Let’s make it clear, by raw denim we mean the fabric is unwashed at the manufacturing stage and the colour deep indigo, during the process of dying, sticks and clings on to the cotton fibres. Down the road, fades and blemishes will appear around your thighs and behind the knees which will attest to the places you have been to, and the journey you have been a part of through the years.


Tell us about your essential menswear pieces that you have used through the years and have got better with age. Do you happen to have any of the menswear that we have mentioned? What other accessories do you think reflect the old is gold maxim, share with us.