Air Jordan 11 Adapt Sneakers Uses Nike’s Latest Self-Lacing Technology

To celebrate the silver jubilee of the sneaker design

Air Jordan 11 Adapt Sneakers Uses Nike's Latest Self-Lacing Technology

It has been 25 years since Tinker Hatfield laid down the sketches for Air Jordan 11. They were created when Michael Jordan requested a shoe with patent leather that would look good even for formal occasions. The sneakers debuted on Jordan’s feet in late 1995 and instantly, it became his favourite. These sneakers were admired by most people and now, sets the standard for lace less sneaker designs. To celebrate the silver jubilee of the sneakers, the Air Jordan 11 Adapt were recently announced by Nike.


Nike decided to update the footwear benchmark, and so the design team of the sports company added their new power lacing technology. Another special thing about the Air Jordan 11 Adapt sneakers is that the Adapt technology is incorporated throughout the sneakers. The sneakers can be controlled via the Adapt app. A person who owns the Air Jordan 11 Adapt can control power lacing setup to ensure that the fit can also be customized to ensure optimal performance and comfort. It can also instantly customize the shoes by personalizing the colour scheme as well as the flashing pattern of the light clusters that are tracing the midsole.


The Air Jordan 11 Adapt sneakers still possesses that same classic sporty silhoutte but this model is a bit modernised with translucent and white upper as well as some smart strokes of bright colour. That means it would still look amazing on-court and off-court as these smart sneakers can be paired to any attire.


Though the self-lacing tech might seem cool to people who have heard of its presence on Air Jordan 11 for the first time, actually, it is not the first time Nike has come up with it. The first pair of such sneakers were fictional as they appeared in the first Back to the Future film. Then the company made it real in 2016. Since then, the brand has been putting in the effort to ensure a smoother operation. Air Jordan 11 Adapt Sneakers will likely have the most smoother operation to date.


The Air Jordan 11 Adapt Sneakers


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