Apple Watch ECG Feature is Now Unlocked in Australia

The OS 7.4 has been released alongside the new IOS 14.5 operating system

Apple Watch ECG Feature is Now Unlocked in Australia
Apple Watch ECG

It certainly took a while, but the Apple Watch ECG features are finally active in the new Apple Watch Series 4, 5, and 6 for Australian users. ECG stands for Electrocardiogram, which is a record of the heart’s electrical signals. Doctors can use this to extract information regarding check for various heart conditions.


Apple Watch ECG

The OS 7.4 has been released alongside the new IOS 14.5 operating system, which allows users to test the strength and timing of the electrical signals that cause the heart to beat.

TGA (The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration) had already given a green signal to the Apple Watch ECG features earlier. However, this feature was locked in the older operating systems.


Apple Watches can now turn the watch into an electrocardiogram. These can determine whether the lower and upper chambers of the heart are in the correct rhythm. Using this information, doctors can diagnose heart conditions such as Atrial Fibrillation.

The best thing about the Apple Watch ECG is that one can turn the results into PDF format to share with the doctor. However, just like all other health software, the readings obtained from Apple Watch ECG features are simply for information feedback. Though, it is not a part of the standard medicinal practices.


Apple Watch ECG uses light-sensitive photodiodes and LEDs that check the flow of the blood in the wrists. The LEDs flash several hundred times in a single second and collect information regarding the heartbeats.

The human blood reflects the red colour while absorbs the green colour. On every beat, the green light gets absorbed better as compared with the absorption between the heartbeats. The LEDs use this concept to extract information regarding the heart’s beating patterns, which directly correlate with the strength of the electrical signals. Indeed, portable technology is advancing quite rapidly.


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