Australian Grand Prix Chief to Fight Off NSW Govt’s Bid to Poach Race

NSW investment minister is reported to be leading the charge.

Australian Grand Prix Chief to Fight Off NSW Govt’s Bid to Poach Race
Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix transferring to Sydney?

Andrew Westacott, the Australian Grand Prix Chief, has decided to fight off a bid by the NSW government to poach the annual race after Melbourne’s contract expires in 2025. The popular race has served as the opening event of the competition since 1996. At that time, it took the race from the South Australian government. Now, the Grand Prix is due for a contract renewal with the Victorian government in 2025.

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

According to reports, “sensitive high-level talks” are going on within the Perrottet government to evaluate the feasibility of hosting the event in Sydney. Stuart Ayres, the NSW investment minister, is leading the charge. The pitch would mainly focus on a Monaco-style street race along the Sydney Harbour to capitalize on the celebrated beauty of the city.

The revelation was made after the state government shared its $200 million event fund in June. It was said that it would put “NSW in pole position to secure major events.”



Australian Grand Prix Chief, Westacott reiterated his intention to ensure the glamorous race is staged in Melbourne for the next four years and even beyond that. The Australian Grand Prix Chief said, “We have got a commitment to stage the race with F1 and the Victorian government on April 10 next year. We expect that this is going to occur. We are very close with F1 and have a relationship that goes back decades. We have a relationship that will see us host the event here until 2025, and we want to look to the future as well. We are happening next year, and it will continue to happen. Our remit is to look beyond 2025.”

However, the Australian Grand Prix Chief also said that nothing is a guarantee in the world of F1 and warned of the dangers of complacency.


The F1 organizers had to cancel the 2020 and 2021 instalments of the Australian Grand Prix due to the coronavirus pandemic. Also, Melbourne will not host the Australian Grand Prix in 2022. Bahrain will take on that role. The 2021 championship will resume this weekend. The US Grand Prix will begin at 6 am AEDT on Monday, October 25.

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