Brisbane to Host 2032 Olympics After Winning IOC’s Vote of Confidence

We are now a three-time Olympic host

There is quite some time before the 2032 Olympics arrive in Brisbane – precisely 4019 days. However, news of the games has already stirred excitement among the fans. It took around 6 years of planning by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and 72 votes to name Brisbane as the host for the 2032 Olympics.


2032 Brisbane Oympics

Home to around 2.56 million residents, Brisbane is a small river city. According to Thomas Bach, the president of IOC, the passion that Aussies have for the Olympics is the main driving factor resulting in Brisbane being named as the next host. Though, Aussies will have to wait around 12 years for the 2032 Olympics.

He stated, “The Aussies really demonstrate it … you could feel it during the whole presentation, I could feel it even in my visit a couple of years ago to Queensland.”


Brisbane’s Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk stated that the city had always aspired to earn the spectacle. However, it was considered impossible before.

The Premier further added that the city has the necessary agreements to complete the infrastructure required, although 80% of the venues are already up to Olympics standards.

Regarding this, she stated, “We’re a sports-loving state and this will give us, I believe our golden age, in Queensland, so we’re very excited, we’re over the moon and we’re absolutely honoured.”


Furthermore, Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister said to 4BC recently that the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane will be the time for Aussies to “shine”. He also added that every girl and boy throughout Australia have something amazing to look forward to. For instance, kids that are into athletics and swimming may consider competing in the 2032 Olympics to represent Australia.

The CEO of the Australian Olympic Committee, Matt Carroll stated that the organization was in talks with the SEQ, Commonwealth, and Queensland state government, to host the games in Brisbane for years. He also added that the 2032 Olympics open a range of opportunities for the entire region.


In other news, rumours were flying around about anti-sex beds being set up in the village where Tokyo Olympics are to be hosted.


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