Brooklyn Nine-Nine to End in Another Final Season in 2021-2022

“I’m grateful it lasted this long.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the Andy Samberg-led TV series that has entertained us for years is finally coming to an end. The series will end with the upcoming eighth season which will be telecast in 2021-2022. The show was cancelled previously by Fox after five seasons, but NBC picked it up again in 2019. Season seven of the show aired in 2020 and the next season was delayed due to coronavirus pandemic.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine final season announcement

As Brooklyn Nine-Nine is quite popular, the eighth season was renewed even before the seventh season was aired. After it was announced that the show would end soon, the stars of the show and its co-creator, Dan Goor shared about their time working on the show and some fond memories of the show that first aired in 2013.


In a statement that was posted on the official Twitter account of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Goor reminisced about first pitching the show with another co-creator Mike Schur and talked about his time on the series.

“I’m so thankful to NBC and Universal Television for allowing us to give these characters and our fans the ending they deserve,” executive producer Dan Goor said . “When Mike Schur and I first pitched the pilot episode to Andy, he said, ‘I’m in, but I think the only way to tell this story is over exactly 153 episodes,’ which was crazy because that was exactly the number Mike and I had envisioned.”

“I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with this amazing cast and crew for eight seasons. They are not only among the most talented people in the business, they are all good human beings who have become a family. But most of all, I feel lucky that we have had the best fans in the world. Fans who literally saved us from cancellation. Fans who fill us with joy. Ending the show was a difficult decision, but ultimately, we felt it was the best way to honor the characters, the story and our viewers. I know some people will be disappointed it’s ending so soon, but honestly, I’m grateful it lasted this long. Title of my sex tape,” Goor added.


Melissa Fumero, who plays the role of Amy Santiago in Brooklyn Nine-Nine said that being part of the TV series was “one of the greatest joys.” She also expressed gratitude to everyone on the team and added that this isn’t time for emotions as they still have a lot to do. She said, “We still have a whole season to shoot!”


Rick Page, Director of Photography of Brooklyn Nine-Nine also memorialised his time on the show in a unique way. He posted a photo of the set via an Instagram set. He wrote “Sunset over Brooklyn.”


A few other members of Brooklyn Nine-Nine also shared gratitude for the series. The list included Dirk Blocker, Terry Crews and Dewayne Perkins. In other entertainment news, the main cast of The Last of Us HBO series has been finalised now. It will star Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.



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