Bugatti is Developing a Gas-Powered Hypercar with Impressive Features

CEO Mate Rimac reveals drivers will be “astonished”.

Bugatti New Hypercar Gas-Powered

Though many carmakers are letting go of gas-powered cars and focusing more on electric variations, Bugatti is doing things differently. The CEO of the popular brand, Mate Rimac recently stated that the company is developing a gas-powered hypercar with never-seen-before features that will astonish the drivers as they would not have seen such features on any production car to date.

New Bugatti hypercar

In a new video shared by Bugatti, Rimac shared this information. However, he didn’t elaborate on the unique features the hypercar will have. The 33-year-old Croatian entrepreneur announced the plans for the hypercar in August last year at Monterey Car Week and even then, didn’t share any details regarding the engine then.


In a discussion with Bugatti collector Manny Khosbin, the CEO said that the new car might arrive in 2024. He also gave an overview of the company’s record-breaking sales in 2021 and the revamped corporate structure for Bugatti Rimac. The marque had the most successful year last year in its 112-year history as it got 150 orders. About 60 per cent of those were from new customers. The Chiron and all units of the new Bolide hypercars were sold out in just two months from release. Also, Bugatti merged with the EV start-up of Rimac in July 2021 and since then has announced an all-electric-mode and a new hybrid.

As other brands like Audi, Rolls-Royce, and Lamborghini are planning to cease the production of combustion engines, the new hypercar announced by Rimac seems to be a shocking surprise.


So, car lovers who prefer the classic Bugatti’s with gas, exhaust, and pistons will have new models to look forward to in the next few years. Many of them might be hypercar. In the video, Rimac says, “There is a future for combustion engines in Bugatti.” He adds, “It is absolutely clear that the Bugatti quality and what the brand stands for needs to remain. In fact, it needs to be expanded. The origin must remain, and it is the full commitment of Bugatti Rimac and myself—this is not negotiable. The craftsmanship of Bugatti will definitely continue, and we even plan to improve it.”

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