Buy Singles This Season of Love via Amazon Prime Dating Site

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Buy Singles This Season of Love via Amazon Prime Dating Site
Amazon Dating

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, and it means different things for different people. For couples, it means spending the day (and night) with your partner and exchanging gifts. For people who have a crush, it often means confessing their love, and for singles, it means thinking about finding true love while buying gifts for yourself. If you are a single who wants to find love, you can easily order it on “Amazon Prime” via Amazon Dating.


Interestingly, a parody site named as Amazon Dating has been created recently where you can order singles and expect a free one-hour delivery if you have an Amazon Prime membership. Though the website is meant as a joke, it might make people think of music festival hook-ups made easy by Tinder.

The website is a hilarious take on the actual Amazon website where you can buy anything from fans to cat food and furniture to shampoos. As Amazon is offering almost everything to the customers, it might offer a shot at finding love to its regular and Amazon Prime users one day.


The design and feel of the website are truly spot on. It means that one look at it will remind you of the real Amazon website. If this website ever becomes a reality, single people would not need to read stuff like how to impress a girl or how to be attractive.

Amazon Dating currently has more than 40 singles listed. One can pick someone by using filters like height and love language. The singles are rated too. Barrett, for instance, has a 1.5-star rating. The website also shares personal details of the singles like Matan is lactose intolerant.


Amazon Dating, the website that can help you order singles via “Amazon Prime”, is designed by Suzy Shinn, Anu Copian, and Morgan Gruer along with Thinko, an animation studio. Anyone can apply for it by providing a name, photo, a short description, and the Instagram details.

The FAQ page of the website confirms that the website is actually a joke, and you can’t order singles via Amazon Prime yet.


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