Celine Showcases FW 2021 Menswear Collection and It Reminds of GoT

The Celine menswear show was titled “Teen Knight Poem”

Celine Showcases Fall 2021 Menswear Collection and It Reminds of GoT

Celine recently presented the Fall/Winter 2021 Menswear Collection and the fashion that it demonstrated makes us think of Game of Thrones. The collection was smartly presented at the Château de Chambord which is an impressively built castle that has existed since the early 1500s. It was built by King Francis I of France, a patron of Arts. The creative director or Celine, Hedi Slimane, took inspiration from the king only.


The show was titled “Teen Knight Poem” and was populated entirely by moody looking teen boys who depicted youth and arrogance. The designs’ real inspiration was not the Targaryens or the Starks but ’90s Goths and the ever-popular French Renaissance. Hence, all the teenage models wore sunken eyes, frowns, studs, embroidered bomber and leather jackets and studded knights’ masks that were ribbed in wool. The models also wore fuzzy black winter boots that made us think that maybe Jon Snow would like them when he intends to go beyond the wall.

The nouveau romantique film by Celine lasts for 13 minutes and seems better than social media-driven fashion announcements that lack this unique flavour. In the first frame, you can see a young chevalier his midnight black stallion towards a huge castle while waving the flag of Celine Homme. Behind this young man, you can see more thin and attractive role-playing models who are galloping on white steeds and looking very impressive.


These knights are moving in the direction of a prince who looks out from the turreted rooftops of the castle. He is dressed in a black cloak and a frilly Renaissance blouse. Celine’s latest collection’s soundtrack is a rhythmic war march entitled as “Time Slip.” The war march is written and produced by George and Jack Barnett and seems appropriate.

There are a lot of reasons why Celine manages to impress every time. The first is money as the brand has big bundles of it and the second is the understanding of desire. Slimane is aware of the fact that rich people want to look young and he delivers that even if he is in his 50s. In other style news, we cannot take our eyes off the Nike Go FlyEase that are hands-free!






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