Cobra Kai: Unpacking the Season 4 Finale

Cobra Kai never dies.

Cobra Kai: Unpacking the Season 4 Finale
Cobra Kai season 4. Credit: Netflix

The entire season 4 of Cobra Kai was no less than a trip. We got to see a cameo from the country music star, Carrie Underwood. We also saw the rise of the villainous Terry Silver. We saw the kids switching sides fast. With that, season 4 also showed us plenty of bromance between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence. And like always, there is plenty to unpack!

Since season 5 of Cobra Kai is just underway and some spinoffs might also be scheduled, let us break down the finale of season 4.


Apparently, Cobra Kai is set for another road trip. Now, the show will apparently revolve around Mexico. Miguel will be heading to find his father after an entire season full of daddy issues, which was more than usual this time. With that, Johnny Lawrence will also be following him there.

Based on that, the plot line for the next season of Cobra Kai might be a little obvious. We might see Johnny and Miguel buddying around in Mexico while fighting chumps, the same way as LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi did in the 2nd installment of The Karate Kid. Some fans are ready to bet that Miguel’s dad will be a karate master. Furthermore, we also see Terry Silver fulfilling his destiny and leaving behind cocaine.


Silver admitted that he snorted cocaine during The Karate Kid III events. Early in season 4, we see Terry Silver as a sober rich guy. But by the end of season 4, he has apparently returned to being the maniac from The Karate Kid III.


Now in season 5 of Cobra Kai, Terry Silver might be the only villain. Since Terry framed John Kreese for beating Stingray, he might want sweet revenge once he gets out of jail. This also means that Terry Silver will have a big role to play in the plot of season 5.


Who is bad, and who is good? Apparently, it is very difficult to figure that out since, in season 4, the allegations and moods change very frequently. As for the kids, Miguel might remain out of office for the beginning of the fifth season.

Furthermore, Eli has already got his hero moment. However, fans are wondering whether he will grow back the disaster we saw on his head. Perhaps, the removal of tattoos should also be considered. We also see Robby giving a hug to his dad. And as a Journey reference, Miyagi-do will be welcoming him with open arms. Just like Robby, Tory detoxed from her demon child-self in the entirety of season 4. Now, we shall see her switching allegiances.


Kenny has had quite a poor fate, though. Though, in the next season of Cobra Kai, he might as well have a tour of redemption. With that, fans don’t expect any kindness from Little LaRusso after everything that he did to Kenny. Demetri is still the GOAT and might remain so. Sam was quite mean though, perhaps LaRusso’s bad parenting is to blame for that. Fans were quite underwhelmed with Aisha’s cameo, though and would love to see her on-screen again.


In the season 3 of Cobra Kai, we experienced a celebration of The Karate Kid II, as we saw LaRusso revisit Okinawa, set things right with Chozen, and hang out with Kumiko. However, it was a bummer for fans when LaRusso left Okinawa, hence leaving behind Chozen and Kumiko.

Thanks to Mr. Miyagi though, there is more to see from Chozen. LaRusso has apparently decided to not give up his sensei self, contrary to his original promise. Rather, LaRusso aims to recruit Chozen to set him on the path.


This might mean that Silver’s a** will get kicked by Chozen, at least once, or perhaps multiple times. Fans hope that LaRusso will not end up bickering with Chozen just like Johnny. Indeed, that will be too much for the fans to take.


For now, Cobra Kai seems to be headed towards many plot twists. Especially after the events of the season finale, it is difficult to predict what course the show will take. However, it is quite certain that the season 5 of Cobra Kai will be a hell of a watch!

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