Commonly Available Aphrodisiacs That You Could Get Right Now

A grocery list for your lust buds

The word aphrodisiac may generate common misconceptions and stereotypes of exotic foods which you can’t find in market, or is too costly to afford when, it’s the opposite.  The love potion that you and your partner need is easily available and is not too costly. In fact, you could get these from your supermarket aisles.  It is a must to consume these to rekindle love and lust and get in the mood.

These are also better for your health; they do not have side-effects that most of your stimulants like Viagra and other medical drugs may bring on your health.

Go through the following list of commonly available aphrodisiacs, get them and keep them in your fridge for easy access anytime.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate itself may have ignited images of pouring it on your partner’s body during sexy time but we are talking about consuming it.  Go for the 70% dark chocolate (higher concentrations are better.) The main ingredient, cacao, has substances which help in relaxing muscles, levels the temper, and unwinds your mind.

The most helpful substance is the stimulant theobromine, it is a natural stimulant and rejuvenates the happy hormones called serotonin. A few bites of dark chocolate could lead to love bites and more.


They are always good for breakfast, and controlled intake would lead to a healthy and active lifestyle. In fact, gym instructors would always give you a diet plan which consists of egg intakes here or there.

They are rich in protein, and egg yolks in particular give you a sudden feeling of rush caused by the increase in blood flow in your body hence increasing the libido as a result. Although, eggs are the most commonly available aphrodisiacs, excessive consumption of eggs may cause some health risks so consult your physician before incorporating eggs in your daily diets.


Like chocolate, alcohol comes in with lots of substances that relax your muscles and nervous system.  It could set your mind in an adventurous state which could lead to adventures in the bedroom.   A small intake to get in mood never disappoints but like others, excessive consumption of alcohol has health risks involved so always keep it on check.

Bananas, Watermelons, and Fruits in general

Bananas are rich in B vitamins and potassium which aids the body in producing testosterone.  Athletes also consume bananas because it increases their activity level in sports. 

Watermelons, according to research, are natural sources of L-citrullin, an amino acid that improves blood flow in the body which could lead to increased libido and better erections.  Watermelons are also considered natural Viagra in many parts of the world.

Other fruits in general are always good for your health, stamina, and increased level of activity. If you don’t want to stuff your fridge with lots of fruits, then just go with bananas and watermelons.

Chillies and other hot spices

Chillies and spices can stimulate your endorphins, increase your heart rate, and can make you sweat.  It mimics the effect of morphine in your body.  Consuming chillies and spices can be good for your love life.

Celery, Spinach, and Dark Leafy Vegetables

These vegetables are rich in B Vitamins.  As written above, it helps the body in production of testosterone.  Also, consuming greens rich in B Vitamins increase energy levels in your body.  Being green-minded is not bad after all.

Now that you know, these are not just your regular healthy food options but they are also your commonly available aphrodisiacs that increase your libido and stimulate your sex life. Get them now for a healthy sex life.