Conor McGregor Is Not Missing A Workout Despite His UFC 264 Injury

McGregor posted photos of his intense workout

Conor McGregor working out despite injury. Credit: Conor McGregor @thenotoriousmma

When Conor McGregor injured his leg in a fight with Dustin Poirier last week, he ended up shattering the hopes of all his fans along. According to Dana White, McGregor already had injuries before UFC 264.


Conor McGregor works out even if injured

Regarding this, McGregor also stated that he knew of the possibility of stress fractures. While he could not stand victorious against Poirier, the UFC champion has been sharing his training videos and improvement with fans ever since.

After getting a kicking pin repair, his recent training videos show remarkable improvement. Whether UFC fans like his demeanour or not, McGregor proves that getting to the top of the game requires strength and great will.


On Sunday, he posted photos of his intense workout on social media while operating a single leg. These pictures were captioned, “Life is not about what happens to us. But how we handle what happens to us! Let’s go team, God Bless.”

The post received many responses, including comments from some big names including Justice Alexander, Brad Katona, and a lot more.

The images specifically showed Conor McGregor using a leg extension machine, doing shoulder presses, cable pulls, and pull-ups. While having his leg in the cast, the photos also showed him doing some tough crunches.




Recently, photos of Conor McGregor hanging out with Justin Bieber have also surfaced. In one of these pictures, he referred to himself as the “bigfoot”, in relation to the leg cast that he was wearing. On the other hand, Justin Bieber can be seen flaunting his tattoos while chilling with the fighter alongside a pool.

While this pair might look odd, reports say that McGregor and Bieber have been friends for over a year. In fact, Bieber has reportedly supported McGregor since 2019.



According to his surgeons, Conor McGregor is expected to remain on crutches for up to 6 weeks, at least. Though, it might take a year before he is fit to fight in the ring again.

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