COVID-19 NSW: NSW Can Now Get Official COVID Updates on Tiktok

The NSW Government will livestream daily updates

COVID-19 NSW: NSW Can Now Get Official COVID Updates on Tiktok
NSW Health @nswhealth Official Tiktok

The COVID-19 NSW Delta Variant is peaking, and the state continues its battle against it. Now, TikTok users have access to the daily COVID-19 NSW conference by the government in the form of on-platform live streams.


NSW COVID-19 updates on Tiktok

This makes NSW the first state in Australia to publicly broadcast COVID-19 NSW updates and health information on TikTok. The live stream on the viral platform will begin from 4th August. Experts believe that sharing COVID-19 NSW updates on TikTok will help spread important and credible information faster, as the state stays in a lockdown.

Along with that, Dr. Kerry Chant, the Chief Health Officer of NSW went on a live Questions and Answers session on TikTok last month. Videos of the Q&A have also been shared by the official Health account of the NSW on the platform.


Regarding this, a spokesperson from the health department stated, “NSW Health is streaming the daily press conference on TikTok Australia as part of its strategy to ensure multiple channels are used to reach the NSW community with important and timely COVID-19 NSW messaging. The daily press conference is already streamed on Facebook Australia.”

The spokesperson further added that the viral platform makes it easier for the government to directly reach out to the younger lot. Along with that, TikTok also released a statement recently. Representatives from the viral platform mentioned how important it is to ensure the safety of the community while the COVID-19 NSW cases rise due to the circulating Delta strain.



Last month, Jon-Bernard Kairouz, a TikToker shared some predictions regarding the daily cases in NSW. This led people to wonder if the health information is on the leak. Eventually, Kairouz stopped sharing the information. However, it went viral, which simply shows how effective TikTok can be.

So, it makes sense that the government has officially decided to make a move on the platform ensuring that only credible information about COVID-19 NSW goes forward. The state hopes that this move will help spread useful information rapidly among the residents of New South Wales.

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