COVID-19: So It Seems COVID Actually CAN Make Your Penis Smaller

A man’s penis shrinks after Covid diagnosis.

COVID-19: So It Seems COVID Actually CAN Make Your Penis Smaller
COVID dick is apparently real.

There are many unexpected and unpleasant effects of coronavirus, and now your penis might be impacted by it too. Shrinkage and sexual dysfunction can occur in people who had COVID. Thankfully, it’s not quite common and can be fixed by some potential remedies.

Covid can make your penis smaller.

In a Slate-run sex advice podcast entitled How to Do It, the harrowing tale of an anonymous letter writer was shared. The person was suffering from “covid dick.” He identified as a heterosexual man in his 30s and mentioned that he was very sick due to COVID last July and had to be admitted to a hospital.

After the writer was discharged, he started experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED). His symptoms improved after seeing a doctor, but he still has a reminder of his ordeal. The writer said that he had an above-average penis size before getting infected. His penis shrunk to around 1.5 inches post-infection, and he had “become decidedly less than average.”


In addition to sharing the letter, the podcast hosts also interviewed two urologists who highlighted that there is ample evidence linking COVID to erectile or sexual dysfunction. A study conducted in November revealed that men who had COVID were three times likely to develop a new case of ED than men who didn’t have COVID.


There are many theories regarding how COVID can lead to ED. The infection might reach penile tissue directly and damage the surrounding blood vessels. It might also be due to the indirect effects of infection on a person’s immune system, leading to damaging inflammation. Even hospitalization due to the infection can take a toll on the penis. The risk is higher for people who already have health problems like type 2 diabetes or even stress and anxiety.


Age is also a risk factor regarding the impact of COVID on your penis. About 70% of men in their 70s experience some level of it. It doesn’t affect a lot of men. Less than 5% were affected in the sample that was a part of the November study. You can go for penis rehab to get things going again if you have it.

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