Dexter Season 9 Trailer: Here’s Your First Look at Clancy Brown’s Villain

Dexter season 9 will have ten episodes

Dexter Season 9 Trailer: Here's Your First Look at Clancy Brown's Villain
Dexter season 9 trailer released. Credit: Showtime

The trailer for one of the most anticipated series, Dexter season 9, has been released. It shows that Michael C. Hall is returning as the serial killer, but his location would be different this time. He will not be in Florida anymore. Instead, he will be in upstate New York. Fans last saw him hiding out in Oregon after killing his sister, Debra, and dumping her body in the ocean.


Dexter season 9 will have ten episodes, and it will see the return of the original showrunner Clyde Phillips who left the series after the fourth season. The new season will also see the return of John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer and Jennifer Carpenter as Debra. In addition, Clancy Brown will be the mayor of the small town where Dexter is living, while Jame Chung will be the true-crime podcaster.

Before releasing the trailer for season 9, Showtime had unveiled many teasers for the series. The trailer was shared at the [email protected] panel for the show.


In the trailer for season 9, you can see Dexter Morgan adjusting to his new life in a small town. You also see a few glimpses of other cast members before it shows Dexter checking out a crime scene with Kurt Caldwell (played by Brown). Finally, the trailer shows that season 9 will be titled New Blood.

The season 9 trailer clarifies that Caldwell and Morgan will cross paths when it comes to crimes committed in New York town. In addition, Dexter’s girlfriend, who is the chief of police in the New York town, will also be involved. Fans of the series will also find it interesting that Dexter is working in a fish and game store in the upcoming season.


Dexter season 9 trailer


The early moments of the trailer for Dexter Season 9 clarify that Dexter might try to fight the urge to kill initially, but soon, he will fail to fight those urges and kill someone. The series will premiere in the US on November 9th, 2021. Stay tuned for Australian release information.

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