Did Donald Trump Wear His Trousers Backwards During Recent Speech?

People could not help but notice something awkward with his trousers

Did Donald Trump Wear His Trousers Backwards in Recent Speech?
Did Donald Trump Wear His Trousers Backwards?

Just recently, the former President of the United States, Donald Trump went on stage to tell the Republicans that the elections in November were rigged. Of course, he has repeatedly iterated this claim over the last few months.

However, people could not help but notice something awkward with his trousers. According to speculators, it looks like Donald Trump might have worn his trousers backward.


The “wardrobe malfunction” of Donald Trump

While Donald Trump was standing behind the podium, everything seemed normal. It was his usual red trademark tie with a white shirt and a suit. However, only when the former POTUS stepped out in the open, speculators noticed the trousers.

Overall, the trousers seem crinkled and taut, without a zip. Speculators were quick to share the images and videos of Donald Trump on social media for everybody to analyze. In specific, the videos got millions of views and interactions on Twitter.

While the speech went on for 80 minutes, for many people, the trousers seemingly worn backward were the only notable takeaway.


In the speech, Donald Trump suggested that his loss in the November elections was no less than a crime. Furthermore, he also mentioned that China should compensate for the role that it has played in the COVID-19 pandemic. With that, the former POTUS also heavily criticized the current US government.

Donald Trump also expressed his concerns over illegal immigration. According to him, illegal immigration has now reached unprecedented levels just over a couple of months. At the same time, the former POTUS also hinted at the increase in gas prices, drug abuse, and cyberattacks in the industries.


Nevertheless, the entire social media was quick to fill up with memes as soon as the pictures went viral. One Twitter user commented, “His pants are definitely on backward. There is no fly and the creases are those found at the back of the legs.”



While the former POTUS is seemingly wearing pants backward, Kim Jong-Un has decided to ban skinny jeans along with Mullet hairstyles (or anything remotely fancy) in North Korea.


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