Most of us have been in quarantine and and has put self-grooming at the bottom of the daily routine list. But now that the restrictions are easing, before going out and meet women, make sure you look clean and sharp. Here are 9 golden grooming secrets that our experts have accumulated over the years. They will not only help you to look better but will also boost your confidence levels as well.


1. The Right Blow Dry Method

The first golden tip to look better is to blow dry your hair upside down. It will help you to add more volume to the hair and will make your face structure look good. If you want to impress a girl, this hack will usually work.


2. Try a Natural Hairstyle

If you have a wavy or curly hair, there is no need to hide it anymore. You should try and show off your hair in its natural form to look better. You’ll feel free and it will be relaxing and refreshing. Just do not forget to condition your hair with a leave-in conditioner as it will not only help with styling but will also hydrate your hair and keep it healthy.


3. Whiten Your Teeth

Whitening your teeth is a good grooming move if you want to look better. It increases your handsomeness and is a sign of good hygienic habits as well as good genetics. White teeth will also help you set a good profile picture and attract women on social media or dating apps. Use a tooth whitening kit if you don’t want to visit a dentist for this problem.


4. Trim the Nose Hair

As a man, you must remember that long nose hair is a distraction for women. It also turns off women and make them wonder where else you have extra and unwanted hair. The extra nose hair poking out of your nostrils will make them think that you are not very focused on how you look. Avoid all this by buying a nose trimmer that will help you to look better.


5. Change Your Underwear

If you care even a bit about grooming and want to look better, kick the habit of wearing the same underwear for two, three and even four days in a row. It’s disgusting and would make women social distance away from you. One of the things among what women want is to make you realize that changing underwear daily is vital. Try changing fresh boxers daily, and you will feel confident in any situation.


6. Use Eye Cream

Dark circles are often a big issue for women. In addition to other skincare basics that helps you look better like washing your skin, moisturizing and exfoliating it, try using an eye cream. When you add an eye cream to your daily routine, not only you will get rid of those dark circles but also those ageing lines that most men have to deal with even when they are in their 20s. Remember, looking young might help you get more matches on Tinder.


7. Take Steam Baths

If you want to look better, make sure you take care of your entire skin by opting for steam baths. They detoxify the skin, remove dirt, open pores and help boost collagen production as well. In case you don’t want to go out, you can also take a steam bath at home by boiling some water and let your body absorb the relaxing steam.


8. Try Face Masks

Face masks are as essential for men as they are for women. They help you look better by hydrating your skin, assist with excess oil removal and make your imperfect skin look perfect. Try a face mask once every week for a month, and you’ll see the difference in your skin.


9. Structure Your Eyebrows

Most men don’t realize the role played by eyebrows in helping them look better. This grooming move is essential for men who think that eyebrow plucking and shaping is for women only. As a man, you should always remember that plucking and shaping eyebrows are basic grooming for both – men and women. Pause and think about it, all the male celebrities that you know have eyebrows that are always on point. Pro tip: Make sure you pluck in the middle, and use small scissors and cut extra hair that is outside the natural shape of your eyebrows.


We hope that these 9 golden grooming secrets or the things every man should do to look better will help you to look more attractive and feel more confident, especially around women.