Elite Men’s Guide: How to Impress a Girl Instantly

You only have mere seconds to impress her

Elite Men's Guide: How to Impress a Girl Instantly


So, you have developed a liking for that one particular girl but have never talked to her. Now, you would want to know different ways to impress a girl immediately. This way, chances of her responding to you positively would increase tenfold. After all, who does not want some positive attention from their crush?


Could you relate to this? If yes, you have certainly arrived at the right place. Today, we are going to tell you how to impress a girl (any girl that you want to).

First of all, know that women tend to judge you within the first three seconds. Don’t stress over it, though. This is something that we all do as humans. Within the blink of an eye, a woman is going to decide whether she likes you or not. Usually, their judgments are based on what the other person is wearing, their body language, their confidence, and a lot more.


First of all, know that you do not need a specific pickup line to impress a girl. Rather, how you introduce yourself and your overall body language matters more. So, unlike many guys, avoiding rehearsing lines. Rather, just jump into it and be yourself! This way, you would immediately become an alpha male in the given situation. So, you will be the one who is directing the entire conversation.

Once you have reached out to her and have conversed a little, do not forget to remind her that your time is important too! So, avoid lingering around for longer than a few minutes if you do not want to come off as needy or desperate. This is one of the most important factors to consider if you want to impress a girl.


Perhaps, you could say something like “damn I gotta run but I just wanna stop and say Hi” and walk away after the brief greeting. This implies several things. Firstly, it implies that you prioritize your time and have a real-life to live. Secondly, it implies that despite having a tough schedule, you took some time out to come and say “Hi.” to her (a very positive gesture to impress a girl).

Apart from that, do not forget to smell nice! We cannot stress enough about the smell on this one. Indeed, guys that smell like sweat and cigarettes come off as extremely unattractive to most women. Hence, they often fail to impress a girl. So, always use the best fragrances when you are out there. This way, you will come off as very attractive in the first three seconds


Essentially, the fragrances that you are using should be masculine, sexy, but not too strong. Too strong a smell can induce nausea and migraine in many people, due to which their mind may perceive you as a threat on the sub-conscious level. So if you want to impress a girl, do not forget this advice.

Well, usually three seconds are not enough to make a conversation. However, it is enough time to deliver a visual cue. So, always dress nicely. If you want to impress a girl, you need to reflect on high status. So that she thinks of you as someone worth talking to.


Though, you do not necessarily have to wear designer brands to impress a girl. Rather, it is more about the way you carry decent clothes on your body. So, invest in your appearance and clothing generously because that is how you add value to yourself. This way, you will simply out-do all the low-value schmucks who take no time to work on their appearance.

Ultimately, avoid coming off as too aggressive. In this regard, to impress a girl, you must keep her personal space in mind and respect her boundaries. In case you are unsure of what her boundaries are, just move with the flow as she does.


Lastly, never brag! To successfully impress a girl, avoid bragging at all times. Trust me on this one, women tend to fall for gentlemen far more than they do for bragging bad boys. So, do not let your humbleness go! Even if you want to let her know that you got a new expensive car, just say it in a very subtle and low-key manner rather than acting like a rich brat. Ultimately, you will succeed and finally impress a girl (any girl that you ever wanted to).



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