Elite Men’s Guide: What Women Want and Will Never Tell You

Stop wondering what women want. Here it is, look no further.

Elite Men's Guide: What Women Want and Will Never Tell You

Men have been trying to decode what women want for centuries, and still, none of them has the right answer. Why? Because women are not straightforward. They won’t simply tell you what they want and how you can get it for them. That would be too easy, right? They want you to make an effort and figure out what they want.


If you want to know what women want, then you don’t need to beat around the bush anymore. Just read these amazing tips.

1. Do Cute Things

No matter what stage of a relationship you are, whether you want to impress a girl or you have been dating her for a while, you need to do cute things to win her over. It can be anything like sending her chocolate-covered strawberries when she is stressed or sending her a letter to express your feelings. She would probably remember such cute things for life.


2. Make the First Move

Believe it or not, the next pointer on the list of what women want is that you have to make the first move. Women check out men too and lust over men, but they almost always want you to make the first move. Don’t wait too long or someone else might slide into the picture. Start with texting her by following these golden texting rules.


3. Show Off Your Best Parts

Women like men with big arms or a six-pack. They would never tell you that to ensure that they don’t indirectly body shame you or make you uncomfortable. But if you want to know what women want, they want you to be strong and feel safe in your arms. So, you better start learning how to become an alpha male and buy clothes that make you look more muscular and stronger.


4. Claim Her

Next thing on the list of what women want is PDA. Yes, she wants you to show her off to your family and friends. She would also like it if you randomly grab her hand or kiss her forehead. Also, she would appreciate it if you talk to your family and friends about how amazing she is. Don’t make her a secret. It’s not what most women want. They want you to shower them with love in front of people who matter to you and even strangers.


5. Don’t Have Girl Friends

If you are wondering what women want when it comes to other relationships, then you should know that they don’t want you to have a girl bestie or talk too much about her. Women are jealous and territorial by nature. They expect loyalty and won’t like it if you talk about other women too much.


6. Shower Her with Attention

If you really want to decode what women want and are looking for an easy way to develop an emotional connection, you must give women attention. Never make her feel neglected like by being on the phone when she is talking to you. Show interest in whatever she likes, be it taking a good profile picture or having deep conversations.


7. Touch Her Right

Those of you who want to know what women want when it comes to touching them should remember that women want to feel comforted by your touch. You need to touch them on arms, face or even legs to make them feel comforted and show her that you are there for her. Also, women love cuddling. If you don’t like it or know how to do it, you better learn!


8. Offer Suggestions

Men think that when women ask what to eat or where to shop, giving her control every time and letting her decide is sweet. In such cases, what women want is for you to come up with suggestions so that she can pick one. Your task here is to keep track of foods or places she likes and recommend something she will enjoy. Make her feel that you can make decisions, and she doesn’t have to stress about it. Make sure everything you suggest is on point.


9. Impress Her Family and Friends

Meeting the family and friends is an important step in any relationship. What women want when they ask you to meet her family and friends is for you to impress them. You need to dress nice, be nice, talk to her people and impress them. Even when you aren’t with them, women would appreciate it if you talk about her family and friends (as if you’re talking to your mates about arare Lamborghini Veneno ), her sister likes or the movie her best friend has been waiting for.

That’s it, mates. These were the top pointers of what women want. So, if you want a relationship with a woman, you better start learning how to read between the lines and remember these useful pointers. Do your best!