EliteMen’s Guide: 3 Body Language Tips to Make Yourself Attractive

Feel more confident and look more attractive to the people around you

EliteMen's Guide: 3 Body Language Tips to Make Yourself Attractive
Image: Marvin Meyer/Unsplash

Summer is around the corner, and it’s time when many people seek new friendships and relationships. If you are also looking out for someone special to spend the special day with, you can surely consider reinventing your body language to attract attention positively.


Here’s a list of 3 body language tips to make yourself attractive.  

1. Use Expansive Gestures

When you are talking to anyone, make sure that you do not have “T-rex arms”, i.e., lift your elbows above the rib cage. Take your elbows away from your body and make sure that they are not glued to your side. While following this body language tip, remember that motion leads to emotions. So, expansive gestures can make you feel more confident and look more attractive to the people around you.


2. Skip Seeking Behaviour

Most people are guilty of this body language mistake. When they visit a club or a public place, they don’t engage with their partner but look around and seek fun elsewhere. You can skip this mistake by using magnetic language and bringing in the fun where you are. Face the person you came with or if you came solo, strike up a conversation with the person next to you. Use expansive body language again, laugh aloud and enjoy yourself. Doing so will draw attention to you. Being attention-worthy is also a great way to impress a girl. Do not loop around or try to be a part of a cool group. Instead, form your own cool group.


3. Don’t Stick to a Group

Another body language tip is to not stick to your group. Yes, you need to include people, often strangers in your conversations to look like you are fun to spend time with. Make conversations with strangers and charm them with your body language and conversations. A smart man who can handle himself with confidence is what women want.


Bonus Tip

Smile– Every confidence-boosting guide would tell you how important it is to smile. No matter whether you want to learn how to flirt or improve your body language, you will enhance your appeal if you have a genuinely sweet smile on your face.


That’s it, mates. These are the tried and tested body language tips that might help you to attract women’s attentions this summer. Have a good time, and good luck!