Elon Musk – Tesla Technoking Hosting Saturday Night Live Causes Outcry

Others also expressed their disappointment with Saturday Night Live

Elon Musk - Tesla Technoking Hosting Saturday Night Live Causes Outcry
Elon Musk

Fans of the Saturday Night Live show took the internet by storm, criticizing the show for letting Elon Musk host the next show. Elon Musk will be hosting the show on the 8th of May, in which Miley Cyrus will appear as a guest. This would be her 6th time appearing on the show.


People had a lot to say about it. For instance, Akin Olla wrote, “Elon Musk declared himself techno-king. He’s just a hyper-capitalist clown”. Similarly, others also expressed their disappointment with Saturday Night Live.


According to Deadline, Musk “seems like a left-field choice for a sketch comedy show [but] has shown a quick wit in his online dealings with fans, foes, and the like, so may have a few more surprises in store.”

A writer, Jenelle Riley wrote, “I am really beyond disappointed in SNL. They have learned nothing. A host should have some discernible talent other than … being rich? Or at least not be someone who lies about a takeover, spreads misinformation about a pandemic, and is known for abusing employees.”


Elon Musk show appearances

This is not the first time Elon Musk will be appearing on a show. For instance, he has previously had a cameo in Iron Man 2, The Big Bang Theory, and The Simpsons. Similarly, this is not the first time SNL will be following a similar strategy.

For instance, back in 2015, the show let Donald Trump deliver a monologue. This happened, despite all the nationwide protests against Trump’s racist rhetoric that were going on at that time. According to Brian Moylan, a reviewer, the monologue was “nothing short of torture.”


Moylan further stated that it was nothing but a ploy for ratings, and that is what everybody had expected. At the same time, there was a lack of humour like always. Apparently, Elon Musk has not received the same level of criticism as Trump, yet many people are irked.


Despite all the criticism, a large audience does certainly find Musk quite entertaining in his own right. And apparently, the makers of SNL know this already. Though, Musk is yet to give a clarification about the reports of Tesla Autopilot being easy to fool earlier.


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