Essential Points for Reinventing Your Style

Be the stylish man you deserve to be!


A smartly dressed man fixing his necktie.
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You cannot simply keep wearing the same type of clothes all your life and, most importantly, just because you are following the trends that does not mean you are stylish. Sometimes, you just need to reinvent your style completely in order to start over.


Time to say goodbye to your old items

We all tend to fill our closets with all kind of clothing items without even realizing that we are not even utilizing most of the items present. We keep repeating the clothes we love the most and okay, that’s fine for some time but at one point it becomes extremely boring and that is why your first step towards reinventing your style should be getting rid of the old items or the items you never wear.


Look around you carefully

Since we spend most of our time scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook we must take some inspiration on how to style ourselves from there but that does not mean you start taking style inspiration from the first person you might think is stylish. You need to take inspiration from people the around you who have the same vibe as you or a dressing sense same as yours — just a little bit more enhanced and well balanced.


One step at a time

Do not think about changing your style in one go. Keep in mind that reinventing your style requires patience and taking one step at a time is only going to help you not screwing it up. You may want to start by wearing colours that you have never tried before or wearing new shades to see how they feel and look on you. Being adventurous may end you up having a style that you have been looking for so long but never quite got it.


Keep it simple

Keeping it simple while reinventing your style helps you figure out what you really want because not every new trend is going to suit you and it’s not even necessary that you will end up liking everything. Make small changes in everything you wear and eventually your goal will be accomplished.


Don’t get carried away

Let’s be honest, reinventing your style will require some serious cash so, you have to be wise while purchasing new items. Before buying anything, make sure you really love it and it suits you perfectly because otherwise, it will just be a waste. Pick clothing items which might work well with other clothing items that are already present in your wardrobe or something that might be suitable for your day to day life. You may want to look for cheaper alternatives for your casual shirts and think about investing more in a perfect pair of jeans, shoes and jackets. Lastly, do not forget to invest in essential menswear pieces.


Own it!

Once you are going through reinventing your style and you know your way around your new wardrobe, try to plan outfits you might usually not wear. Step out of your comfort zone of clothing items. It might make you nervous at first but once you try it, you will like it and you will definitely have more fun planning outfits that way.


Don’t be picky

If you are picky about your brands you will never try new things so allow yourself to try different brands, do not stick to the same brand because it will only make your style boring.


Style is not all about clothes

You must remember that style is not related to clothes only. It’s about grooming yourself in a way that you get a stylish personality in general. Your aim should be to get called stylish as a person; your aim should not be about people calling your clothes stylish.


Experiment with your hair

Most guys have the same old boring hairstyle. In order to stand out you must get a hairstyle which might be different from others but pick wisely because you want to look good and you wouldn’t want to end up with a hairstyle which doesn’t suit you. Reinventing your style for your hairdo might be that finishing touch you need.


Groom yourself

Grooming is one of the most important factors of being stylish. You must groom yourself in a way that people are simply attracted to you. Get rid of the beard if you have it since forever or if you have been clean shaved your life then try opting for a stubble look.


Work on your body

If you are not going to the gym already, you should think about going now because keeping your body in good shape is extremely crucial. Going to the gym will only help you look good for years to come.


This is it; it may seem like you need to do a lot in order to completely reinvent your style but if you do it properly, it will only be easier and good for you.