Eternals Credit Scenes: What the Big Reveals Mean for the MCU

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Eternals Credit Scenes of the Latest MCU Movie Explained
Eternals credit scenes explained. Source: Marvel Entertainment

After a long wait, Eternals by Marvel is in cinemas already, and Harry Styles fans are quite pleased to know that rumours about him appearing in one of the end credit scenes are true.

Eternals marks a wide number of superheroes making their way into the MCU. These include Angelina Jolie’s Thena and Ikaris, played by Richard Madden from The Bodyguard. For now, Eternals has mixed reviews. While some have stayed underwhelmed, others call in an “epic” addition to the MCU.


Marvel often presents some post credit scenes at the end of every movie. Hence, it is not surprising that Eternals also has them. Though, what sets these credit scenes apart is that four new superheroes appear in them.


Eternals credit scenes explained.

Spoiler Alert!

First, we get to see Harry Styles entering as Starfox (Eros of Titan). According to the comic books, Starfox is the brother of Thanos and the son of Sui-San and A’Lars, who are both Eternals as well. Though in the comics, his role is not as serious as the other characters. After all, he is referred to as the god of love.

Other than that, Pip the troll has also entered the MCU. The goblin-like character announces the arrival of Sarfox through a portal in the movie. In the comics, Pip has some magical powers and the ability to teleport. This is something that is shown in the credits scene.


Kit Harington also appears in the Eternals end credit scene. The star is joining the MCU has the Black Knight (Dane Whitman). The credits scene shows Kit Harington getting ready to open a box. Upon opening it, he sees a sword that says, “Death is his reward.” In reference to the comics, the sword’s name is Ebony Blade, which is enchanted with magic. While the sword carries immense powers, its owner is bound to crave bloodshed and death.


Lastly, Mahershala Ali has also entered the MCU as Blade. His appearance in the MCU might also be confirmation that a standalone Blade film is underway.

Nevertheless, from what the end credit scenes of Eternals depicts, the MCU is headed in an interesting direction.



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