Facebook Finally Unveils the Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

Make videos, capture photos, answer calls, and listen to music

Facebook Finally Unveils the Ray-Ban Smart Glasses
Facebook Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. Credit: Ray-Ban/Facebook

Finally, the long-awaited Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses by Facebook have been unveiled. Featuring high-end technology, these glasses are a remarkable addition to the world of wearable technology. However, the focus seems to be more on capturing photos instead of augmented reality.

Just recently, Facebook revealed the glasses. The Ray-Ban Stories will directly compete with the Spectacles by Snapchat. Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses is that they feature a Wayfarer-style frame. Users can make videos, capture photos, answer calls, and listen to music while wearing the Ray-Ban Stories.

However, previously, it was thought that the new glasses by Facebook would feature next-gen augmented reality technology. Nevertheless, Facebook has stated that the company is planning to incorporate that technology into the glasses in the future.



Regarding this, the company stated, “We are building towards AR glasses as the next computing platform. We see it as a very important first step towards that vision.”

The market for wearable technology is already quite crowded. For instance, back in 2016, Snapchat had released its Spectacles that featured a built-in camera. Furthermore, Snapchat also later announced that the Spectacles would include AR capabilities.


As far as the Ray-Ban Stories by Facebook go, these glasses look ordinary to the naked eye. However, inside the regular appearance, several advanced features are hidden. The 5-MP camera inside the glasses takes stunning pictures.

Furthermore, the glasses also feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to connect with a smartphone. Within the glasses, there is a storage capacity of 500 pictures along with speakers. Taking a photo using the Ray-Ban smart glasses is just as simple as holding a button present on the right end. At the same time, pressing it just once will start a video recording.


The right side of the glasses also features a touch area that can be used to control music, make calls, and the voice assistant. While these glasses will be available soon, Facebook has not detailed much on when the AR glasses will be available in the market.


Facebook Ray-Ban Stories


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