Ferrari Blacklists Justin Bieber for These Three Automotive ‘Sins’

It’s a lifetime ban from purchasing another Ferrari.

Ferrari Blacklists Justin Bieber for These Three Automotive 'Sins'
Justin Bieber’s modified Ferrari 458 Italia Liberty Walk. Image credit: CNN

Justin Bieber has always been attracted to cars and has extensively customized them. He has done it many times with Ferrari cars. The brand has tolerated him enough and won’t do it anymore. It has banned the Canadian singer from buying more of the brand’s vehicles. Read on for the deets.

Some of Bieber’s customizations have been simple, like wrapping a car like Lamborghini Urus in salmon pink. In contrast, others have been quite drastic, like completely re-bodying Blade Runner-Esque Rolls-Royce Wraith.


This time, Bieber went for the 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia F1 Edition and irked the most prestigious car brand in the world. Interestingly, Bieber is not the first celebrity to be banned by the brand. The marque is very protective of its brand and forces the prospective buyers to sign lengthy agreements that dictate what modifications a person can make to their Ferrari.

The popstar committed three sins that Ferrari couldn’t tolerate. First, he took his 458 to West Coast Customs and modified it with a Liberty Walk body kit. Second, he reported the car in 2015 after a wild night full of partying, and third, he tried to sell the car at a charity auction without taking Ferrari’s permission.


According to the rules set by Ferrari, an owner can’t sell their car in the first year, and even after a year, they have to let the carmaker know of their plans so that the company can buy it back. Also, the brand doesn’t like unauthorized modifications.

Ferrari is also not very friendly towards Canadian musicians. The brand seems to have a grudge against them. In 2014, the brand sent a cease and desist to famous DJ Deadmau5 when he got his Ferrari 458 covered in a wrap referencing the then-popular internet meme ‘Nyan Car’ and rebadging it a ‘Purrari.’ If one mistake could lead to that. Bieber’s three mistakes seem enough reason for the brand to ban him permanently. Still, we doubt that Bieber will care much. The pop star, whose worth is about US$ 285 million, will probably find another luxurious car with which he can play.


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