Forbes Says Kim Kardashian is Officially a Billionaire Now

The World’s Billionaire List was released on Tuesday

Forbes Says Kim Kardashian is Officially a Billionaire Now
Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian)


People, including us, are always eager to know who made it to the Forbes World’s Billionaire List. This time we all got quite surprised when Kim Kardashian West appeared on the list. She made it to the prestigious list after selling a part of the KKW Beauty Business. Some other prominent names on the list are Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.


The wealth of Kim Kardashian

The World’s Billionaire List was released on Tuesday, and this is the first time Kim Kardashian West’s name appeared on it. The key reasons that helped her become a billionaire were also listed. One of them was the fact that she owns two booming businesses, Skims and KKW beauty. The other reasons were her television show, and several lucrative endorsements deals that she has at the moment.

For those who are unaware, Kim Kardashian West launched KKW Beauty in 2017, and a 20 per cent stake of the business was acquired by Coty in 2020. The value of that deal was USD 1 billion (About AUD 1.31 billion) As per Forbes, the remaining stake of Kim Kardashian West in the business is worth USD 500 million (About AUD 653 million).


Another reason for her success is Skims, a brand that offer figure-hugging bodysuits and shapewear. She has a majority stake in that business. The revenue details of that business are not disclosed now. But reports say that it might be valued more than USD 500 million. If that’s true, Kim Kardashian West’s stake would be about USD 225 million or AUD 293 million. This money is probably enough to ensure she makes it to the billionaires’ list.

Kim Kardashian West also has a bright future as the show she is a part of has got a new deal with Hulu that will ensure she gets the TV money in the future as well.


Interestingly, this is not the first time Kim Kardashian West has been mentioned in Forbes. She was last mentioned in 2011 when she had 6.6 million followers, just below former US President Barack Obama and just above American actor Ashton Kutcher.


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