Gentleman’s Quick Guide: First Date Do’s and Don’ts

Going on a first date? We’ve got you covered.

A man and woman having a coffee date..
Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

Finding your significant other always starts with the first date. Getting to that point is another beast altogether and not just about how to get the most matches on Tinder and then winging it. But once we do get to there, every first date can range between horribly awkward and fantastic. To save you the headache, here are some useful words to live by if you want to do your first date right.


Do some research

While I don’t condone stalking, a little bit of online stalking can go a long way in terms of date suggestions, food preferences, outfit choices, and can sometimes tell if they have been truthful or not if the lovely lady doesn’t have privacy settings. Trust me, everybody FB stalks a bit before the big day and no one likes to get catfished.


Don’t go for broke

Unless you are a rock star, Hollywood actor, or sports superstar, don’t go to places to can’t normally afford. This will set the wrong impression about you, not to mention make it uncomfortably fancy. Go somewhere more casual where you can talk and have a laugh.


Be a gentleman

There’s a fine line between chivalrous and chauvinist. However, there are a few basics. Being polite to everyone, maintaining eye contact and offering to get the other person a cab home (theirs, not yours) will all show that you’re a suitable long-term candidate. Try not to dominate the conversation and make it about both of you.

A man and a woman on a date on a carousel.
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Foot the bill

Contrary to splitting the bill on the first date, you can simply say “you can pay next time” for a smoother approach rather than waiting for the dreaded “shall we do this again sometime?” chat. If they insist on splitting and say no to a second date, take it with dignity and let it slide. The only thing worse than being bad on a date is being worse afterwards.


Don’t act like a douche

In the dating game, overly heavy conversational topics, exaggerating, name-dropping, humble-bragging and overbearing swearing is an absolute no-no. Playing on your phone is probably worse than this, and so Is getting drunk and stupid. And of course, the cardinal rule: absolutely no lies.


Looking good

This is where you let your natural charm shine. Dress appropriately for the venue and what makes you feel comfortable. You don’t go into a pub in a suit after all.