George Clooney Looking to Buy An Estate in Scenic French Countryside

From Saint-Tropez, it takes around an hour to reach this estate

George Clooney Looking to Buy An Estate in Scenic French Countryside
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Well, there certainly would be no reason for George Clooney and Amal Clooney to buy another high-maintenance property. However, reports in the French media say that George Clooney is considering buying a historic estate in the scenic French countryside.


Referred to as Domaine de Canadele, it takes around an hour to reach this estate from Saint-Tropez. It is right next to the small medieval town of Brignoles, with just a few miles of distance from the Château Miraval. The Château Miraval is owned by a long-time friend and castmate, Brad Pitt.

Currently, there are no official confirmations about this purchase. News has spread fast in Brignoles. Didier Brémond, the mayor of Brignoles was quick to announce that George Clooney and Amal Clooney might be moving to this scenic region to enjoy some solitude.


Though, there could be some legal issues. Along with that, the locals of Brignoles are talking about this purchase for a while now. A recent report suggests that George Clooney might lose to bid to a local investor.

According to this local investor, the owner of the estate already has a binding agreement for the property to be sold for 6 million euros. It is possible for an Australian couple to override this sale and then later sell it to George Clooney (possibly at a price that is much higher).


The process could be quite complicated. And considering that fact, it would make sense if George Clooney and Amal Clooney were to back out. Otherwise, there could be a lengthy and expensive legal battle.

Regardless of the outcomes, the property seems incredibly beautiful. So, it makes sense why one would be willing to pay a high sum for this estate. Featuring a 10,000 square feet mansion, the estate boasts of nothing but luxury.


George Clooney is planning to purchase this Provençal estate



It looks like the maintenance costs of this estate would also be quite high. While this estate is pretty expensive for even the richest of rich, the Cobra Kai house might be relatively affordable. Also up for sale, the house has been featured in Cobra kai and is also nothing less than a luxury too.


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