Ultimate Guy’s Guide: How to Get More Matches on Tinder

Read on if you want heaps of swipe rights.

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Thanks to the internet, today’s dating scene is much more diverse than it ever was. Old timers will say “you kids have it so easy” or “dating ain’t like it used to” and they’re both true in a sense, but they don’t realize how easy it is to be rejected online, or worse how easy it is to meet up with a creep mistakenly. While people still like the old fashioned way of meeting people, more and more are getting their dates through Tinder. Have your online-dating-hating dad try it, and watch him realize all is not as simple as it seems. And here are some tips on how to get more matches on Tinder and one up the old man.


First Impressions last

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In fairness to the old adage, this statement is probably the most important in the online world. Taking a good profile picture can make or break your online presence. People will judge you whether you like it or not so be more considerate when it comes to your physical appearance but be more candid and realistic, and smile with your teeth to show your personality. If you go for Instagram flexing and glamour shots girls will think you’re a douche, so let the ladies know that you are more successful rather than being an Adonis.


What next?

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When a lady wants to know more she will browse your photos so make them count. Topless workout photos will get you nowhere as ladies will think you love yourself more. Try using animals as bait, puppies in particular will crush any resistance and is guaranteed to get more matches on Tinder. Using photos with celebs don’t tend to work out well because they will focus on the celeb and not you. Selfies are tricky, use more adventurous pics instead of the classic bathroom or pout selfies.


Pitch it!

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Here is where great pickup lines come into play. When you are given 500 characters to impress the ladies you need to make this count and make them giggle. Instead of saying “nice shoes, wanna f***?” go for something more original that fits your personality well, and something that has a great story behind it. Lying in order to get more matches on Tinder never works well so don’t lie!


Home stretch

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Contrary to popular opinion, 80% of people go to Tinder to find a relationship. When you get those swipes, follow up with a smart conversation starter by doing your homework on the lady, and avoid the generic “hey” and “what’s up”. And mind the hours they swiped, if they swiped between 8pm and 9pm they are looking for real dates, and if you fancy being a late night booty call, log in from 9pm onwards.