Hellbound Becomes the Most Popular Netflix Series Worldwide

Hellbound reached the top spot within 24 hours of its debut

Hellbound Becomes the Most Popular Netflix Series Worldwide
Hellbound. Credit: Netlix

Yet another fantasy horror series from South Korea has taken over Netflix to become a worldwide favourite. Just recently, Hellbound topped the list of most-watched TV shows on Netflix, leaving Squid Game behind.

According to recent data by FlixPatrol analytics, Hellbound reached the top spot on the 20th of November within 24 hours of its debut. And this data covered 80+ countries. Hellbound revolves around a team of demons that hunts sinners. These sinners get visited by celestial beings that inform them about the exact time and date of their death. Then, when the time is right, the huge smoky demons send the victims to hell after incinerating them, which results in a lot of public outcries and religious extremism.


Eventually, this results in a religious organization that starts speaking for the monsters. But of course, nobody has the right to question any verdicts unless they want to become a sacrifice.

The Hellbound pilot episode was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2021. Directed by Yeon Sang-Ho (Train to Busan), the hit series has been watched in approximately 142 million households in 94 countries, including Australia, even though the series is now popular for being gory and too violent.

Overall, Hellbound has brought in approximately $900 million in profits for Netflix. Hwang Dong-hyuk, the director of Squid Game, also stated that the second season of the hit show is currently underway.

Regarding this, he stated, “I’m in the planning process currently. I do think it’s too early to say when and how [season two is] going to happen.’

So, while we do not have any dates for Squid Game, eventually, season two will come. But for now, Hellbound is enjoying its fair share of global attention. After all, topping the charts and leaving Squid Game behind speaks for itself.

This has resulted in a lot more people getting attracted to the series, and hence, the numbers are going to rise soon. Hellbound is currently available to stream on Netflix Australia. But other than Netflix, Apple TV+ has also released a new South Korean horror series called Dr. Brain.


Read Netflix’s official synopsis for the series:

“Unbelievable demonstrations of hell take place in the middle of Seoul right in front of crowds. Mysterious beings condemn individuals to be hellbound, and otherworldly beings appear exactly at the specified time to kill the condemned in a brutal burning. Rising above the utter chaos resulting from these inexplicable supernatural occurrences is the commanding voice of Jung Jinsu, the leader of an up-and-coming religious organization, The New Truth. He claims that only sinners are marked for condemnation and that these occurrences represent divine will to make humans righteous. A group of his followers with blind faith, the Arrowhead, take into their own hands the punishment of those who go against the divine will. The world becomes a living hell.” Min Hyejin, a lawyer, challenges Chairman Jung by claiming the demonstrations of hell to be simply supernatural occurrences. She joins forces with the few who try to protect the hellbound and return the world to the realm of humans, not gods. They go up against the chaos instigated by The New Truth. Then one day, an infant born two days ago is condemned, making it difficult to believe the divine will that only sinners become hellbound.”




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