How to Attract Women: 7 Great Style Tips that Actually Work

Here are simple style moves that you easily follow

How to Attract Women: 7 Great Style Tips that Actually Work


Admit it- If you are a straight and single man, you want girls to look at you. You don’t want to be a ghost who gets unnoticed but want the women to crane their necks and look at you. The goal of most guys is to impress girls or simply impress a girl they have a crush on. If you want a girl or girls to look at you, you can do it by upping your style game. You should know that clothing sparks attention and make women notice you. So, you need to understand what you are doing wrong and how you can fix it. Here are 7 simple style tips that actually work and will let you know the answer to how to attract women.


1. Try Peacocking

Have you ever been mesmerised by a peacock and thought how beautiful the creature is? If so, you already have some idea about how colours can help anyone look attractive. Now, you have to make the most of every opportunity and use colours to your advantage while picking an outfit. For instance, if bold colours suit your skin tone, include them into your closet. Always pick vibrant colours that make you look good and feel great about yourself. When you use colours smartly, it will be easy to attract women.


2. Be Tactical

Believe it or not, it’s a fact that women like tough guys who look like they can handle situations and win all challenges. If you want to look like a tough guy to attract women, the simple solution is to be tactical about your look and try combat boots. They are in trend and make you look strong. They also give you the height advantage as you look 2 inches taller, which might be enough to captivate a woman or attract women and help you stand out from the crowd.


3. Have an Effortless Style

If you want to attract women via your style, make sure that you do it effortlessly. Don’t try too hard because if women realise that, they will simply dismiss you. To attract women, you should try some simple styling hacks like wearing a white t-shirt and black jeans and adding a touch of style by rolling the shoulder cuffs to show off those hard biceps. Simple solutions usually work to attract women.


4. Positions Matter

When you are hoping to attract women, remember that how you position yourself matters. Never be afraid to take your space. One of the keys to attracting women is to look dominant and be confident. Try the superman stance by planting the feet shoulder-width apart, keeping your chest out, shoulders back and head held high. This stance will surely attract women who don’t prefer men lurking or standing alone in the corners.


5. Don’t Be Too Serious

Another golden rule to attract women is to ensure that your style is not too formal, boring or serious. Add your own style twist to sport looks that show the fun side of you. For instance, you can take a formal (boring-looking) blazer and make it casual by putting it on over high neck knitwear. Make unexpected style moves to impress girls.


6. Show Off Some Skin

To attract women, men can try and show off some skin. The chest is the best area to show off by unbuttoning the top button of your shirt. Just make sure that you keep it reserved and don’t overdo it as women don’t like men who display all the assets to everyone in the room. You should show enough skin to draw attention, spark interest and make heads turn but never be half-naked! A slight show will keep the mysterious element intact and would make women want to undress you to find out all your assets!


7. Choose a Playful Style

Women don’t expect men to be a fashionista. They just want you to know about essential menwear, have a sensible dressing style and use colours. So, if you want to attract women, don’t be too serious about the style and demonstrate the fun side of your personality by experimenting with clothes that catch the eye easily.


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