How to be a Good Husband All Over Again

It’s high time to bring back the spark in your relationship

A couple holding hands together.
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Do you remember the time that you and your wife were still dating? Think on the times you had so much fun, and when you married her, and had your adventures? You knew exactly how to be a good husband back then and your wife was head over heels for you.


And then you had kids, and suddenly the thrill was gone and you became relentless parenting machines. For the average couple, having kids is a tradeoff of sorts. If you want to raise your kids well, you essentially divide yourself into three parts. First, there’s the part where you parent, which is the most difficult juggling act ever. Then there’s the part where you work. And then there’s the part of the day where the kids are asleep and the washing up is done and both of you fall asleep, dog tired. No matter how much you know how to apologize, it isn’t going to cut it and you need to step up. Here are some tips on how to be a good husband like you always were.

1. Book a baby sitter, better a younger relative to take care of the kids while you go out on a date. Apply your knowledge of your date do’s and don’ts and show her what the man she married is all about.

2. Instead of watching the game, pick a movie that your wife likes, cuddle on the couch and power through it.

3. When your wife asks for an out-of-town adventure, oblige.

4. Your wife will mention that she wants something but shrugs it off because the kids need it more. If this happens, remember it and save up to buy her that thing she wanted.

5. Go home on time. Overtime pay isn’t worth the time lost with your wife and kids.

6. Learn how to massage. Or invite your wife to a spa every now and then, you need it too.


Photo by andrew welch on Unsplash

Being a parent is tough, but it should never make you neglect yourself, or more importantly, your wife. If your relationship falls apart, the parenting bit will soon follow, guaranteed. Divorce rates are still high and if you don’t want to end up on that list you need to learn how to be a good husband all over again.