How to Be Attractive – 6 Simple Hacks that Always Work

Improve your game this 2020

How to Be Attractive - 6 Simple Hacks that Always Work

2020 is not just about the new year, but it’s also about a new decade. January is that time of the year when most of us come up with New Year resolutions and often break them within weeks. If you are looking for a new year resolution that you would actually want to follow, then I suggest that you learn how to be attractive. Yes, I am telling you 6 simple hacks on how you can be attractive and charm your college crush or the girl next door you have your eyes on. Excited? Keep reading for more.


Genes and Attractiveness 

It is a fact that most people relate attractiveness with how you look. In my opinion, it is a myth that you are all about how you look because I have seen some pretty dumb people who look gorgeous. The point I am trying to make here is that if you are not blessed with a sexy body or killer looks, you can still be attractive, you just need to focus on improving yourself as an individual and being the best version of yourself. Just follow the below-mentioned points on how to be attractive, and you’ll do fine.


1. Have an Opinion

How to Be Attractive - 6 Simple Hacks that Always Work

The first answer to how to be attractive is to have self-confidence and the ability to express your opinion. If you just nod and agree to what others say or just agree to what a woman is saying on the first date to impress her, it would not seem very attractive. To be attractive, you need to be full of confidence, and should not blindly follow others without using logic. Also, if you think that someone is wrong and you know the right facts, don’t hesitate to correct them politely. Never let your kindness come across as a weakness because being weak is not in the list of things that teach how to be attractive.


2. Be Active Everyday

How to Be Attractive - 6 Simple Hacks that Always Work

Being overweight is a big problem and a big obstacle that prevents you from being attractive. It impacts not only the way you look but also subtly impacts how you feel about yourself. Overweight people often feel a lack of confidence and often have to deal with problems like depression. So, make a new year resolution to be active every day. You don’t need to pay for a high-priced personal trainer or visit a fancy gym. Just hit the streets for a run, or try at-home workouts. When you get in the shape you want, you will get one check mark in the answer to how to be attractive.


3. Find a Signature Scent

How to Be Attractive - 6 Simple Hacks that Always Work

The next lesson on how to be attractive is to smell good. Women hate when you smell bad, or your body odour is too strong. The simplest solution here would be to find a fragrance that suits your style and personality. Choose a fragrance that you can use daily, and that lasts at least 8 hours. Also, ask a woman (be it your mother or a friend) to test it and share her opinion. If you need help on how to be attractive via a fragrance, check out our best fragrances.


4. Have a Good Social Media Presence

How to Be Attractive - 6 Simple Hacks that Always Work

It is a fact that people judge you constantly in the digital age. Everything you do on social media, be it liking someone’s photographs or commenting on a news story is seen by everyone in your social network. So, you need to know how to be attractive via social media. I suggest that you start with removing all the corny or embarrassing pictures and archiving the ones with your ex. Also, have a good profile picture as someone who has just begun dating will find you on social media. Control your language and present yourself smartly in the social media world, and you’ll do fine.


5. Go for a Healthy Diet

How to Be Attractive - 6 Simple Hacks that Always Work

No, I am not asking you to live on salads (which you can), but I am asking you to make smart food choices. If you spend two hours at a gym and come back to have junk food, whatever you did in the gym would be a waste. So, the next answer to how to be attractive is to be more conscious of what foods you eat. Don’t buy unhealthy foods and replace your indulgences smartly. For instance, if you can’t survive without chocolates, don’t buy a sugar-laden chocolate bar but go for a protein bar in chocolate flavour.


6. Always be Eager to Learn

How to Be Attractive - 6 Simple Hacks that Always Work

If you want to captivate a woman and need the answer to how to be attractive, this is the best advice I can give you- be a good learner. Women often don’t like men who don’t change their thinking or are too set to follow one path. Hence, you should never hesitate to try new things and meet new people. Bonus points if you can make people smile! If you are eager to learn, it will not only help you to impress a woman; it will also help you to be more attractive at social events or even at job interviews.

That’s it, mates. It’s all I can think of when answering the crucial question of how to be attractive.


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