How to Captivate a Woman with Your Natural Charm

Trust us, you do not need much.

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Just when you thought that you have made the right call to fine tune your approaches in dating, but for some reasons, instead of advancing, you turned up being turned down. Disappointing isn’t it? So what really is the secret to captivate a woman with your natural charm?

As part of our human instinct to find love and connection, the search in finding ways to attract highly desirable women has been in our society since time immemorial. In our generation, these ethical psychological tricks that have been used by our forefathers in the past may still be applied today. By touching her subconscious mind, slowly but surely, you can captivate a woman with your natural charm even without trying too hard.


Maintain a Clean and Neat Look!

First is to make sure to keep a healthy hygienic routine and to look good. You don’t have to overdo it by dressing to impress. That’s so 1950’s!  In this millennial age, the key is to look smart, always presentable, and to smell good. Make yourself more likable through your distinctive scent—attraction through association! She won’t remember the perfume but she’ll remember the scent and the one’s wearing it!


Ask her for favors

The people way back then got it right already. Good old Benjamin Franklin the inventor, hero of the American revolution, and legendary statesman devised a way for people (especially women) to like him more. It goes like this, ask a woman to do you a small favor like picking up a pencil, fetching something out of reach and such. Subconsciously, a woman’s brain is wired in a way that they think that if they do something for you, its because they like you. But don’t overdo it because it will look like you are using them, just ask for simple things but be consistent and thankful.


Bring Out your Funny Side!

It doesn’t necessarily means that you have to put yourself in a shameful situation just to make her laugh. A premeditated joke can be a great segue to a topic of conversation that you want to lead in. There are times that finding humor in a conversation just comes out naturally which is a good sign of a great intellect.


Ease the Tension! Break the Barrier of the Physical Touch

If you’re thinking of advancing your moves, a brief touch on her lower back when opening the door for her or holding her hand by guiding her as she sits are just some of the gentle ways to make her feel comfortable with you. Remember to respect her boundaries and not to touch her again if you felt that she got scared or disgusted with your gesture.


Undivided Attention

Giving out a sincere and specific compliments can instantly flatter her and at the same time she’ll know that you are noticing simple details about her by giving her the attention. It may seem easy but there are things that you need to stop yourself from doing like: looking at your smartphone especially replying to text messages, losing eye contact, and never ever give a second look to any girl that passes by.

Do all of these my friend, and you can captivate a woman with your natural charm even without shedding a lot of money nor allotting tremendous time and effort.