How to Have Longer and Better Sex Every Time

 Improve your sex game with these pro tips.

A beautiful gril in front of a neon sign that says "Slow Down".
Photo by Daniel Monteiro on Unsplash

Remember your first time with your first girl, at around 17 or 18 and coming at just about after a few pumps? Do you remember wishing you had longer and better sex that time? That’s perfectly normal, but when you’re 30 and it still happens this can be rough on both you and your love. Premature ejaculation is a problem many men face, and is a problem many men don’t want to admit. And most importantly, it’s a problem that contributes to an unhealthy life so it needs to be addressed and treated right away.


Contrary to what porn feeds your brain, you just don’t have longer and better sex all the time. Premature ejaculation is caused by a number of things but mostly are the following:

Sexual experience or immaturity – We all start somewhere and practice truly makes perfect.

Body image issues – Your lack of control stems from a lack of self-confidence.

Stress – The most common factor as we all have something that stresses us out.

Guilt – This can mean both guilt that you did something wrong, or guilt of wanting to do better or having “performance anxiety”.


Your special someone deserves longer and better sex, and so do you. Satisfy your woman and she will return it in kind. To have longer and better sex, don’t rely on pills or “natural” remedies as these are mostly shams. You will be surprised that it’s mostly in the mind. Apart from taking steps to boost your self-confidence and outlook on life, here are some pro tips on how to physically last longer in bed and get that kinky sex:


Squeeze it

A Condom can reduce the sensation just enough for that time boost. But if you don’t want the rubber, you can squeeze below the bell end firmly with your thumb and finger just when feel you are about to ejaculate. This stops it from happening and you can do this multiple times until you learn to control yourself without the squeezing.


Intensify it

Much like Kegel exercises for women, you can exercise the same muscles used when you try to stop urinating. Squeeze in and out 15 times twice a day and slowly go up to 75 squeezes for that pro boost.


Keep breathing

When you are lasting long enough, you want to break the bed with your orgasms. Try to “huff” out breaths when you make love. Feel your diaphragm contract to expel air as you feel an orgasm coming on to increase the orgasms intensity.


Ice it

Lastly, wrap some ice in a cloth and apply it to your old fellas before sex. This is a quick hack that helps intensify an orgasm.