How to Pull Off Great Pickup Lines Today

Be a pick up artist in no time!


A guy trying to talk to a lady
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There comes a time in a man’s life that they are faced with a challenge to overcome the fear of women. Remember asking your dad about how he gets his girls, and he teaches you the art of great pickup lines, and then remembering getting slapped because you said something really dumb? Getting the girl at hello is no simple task and is much harder than your dad lets on. There’s more to it than just a line, composure, body language, among other things come in to play here.

Given how easy it is nowadays to find a date online, here are some tips on how to blend good ol’ great pickup lines with modern flair, and not get slapped so much.


1. Customize it

Unless the pickup line you have in mind is smart and not used so much, just make your own up and include your personality into it. It’s like an all in one phrase that lets the lovely lady know what you’re all about. First impressions last so be truthful, and love yourself.

A guy and a girl hanging out together
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2. Don’t get creepy

When in a conversation, don’t sound like a stalker and be too specific. Its okay to be attentive but don’t go too much on details because that is creepy on the first date. Make your comments about her positive and mildly ambiguous.

A guy and a girl on a beach
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3. All in the body

Body language is critical when you finally meet. An alpha male posture and demeanor is a good follow up to your great pickup line. When your date is with a friend, do not move in on her right away but instead make friends with her friend and keep it light and fun. Do this and they will be the perfect wingman. Under no circumstances will you open up a threesome conversation, this only works in porn.

Body language is also a great pickup line in itself. Keep an eye out for your and her body language while you are chatting so you can get cues on how to act next. Basically, fidgeting and tapping, and avoiding eye contact mean they’re not okay. While feet facing you, lip licking and earlobe tugging, and hair flipping often mean they’re into you.

A guy and a girl having a conversation in a cafe
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4. Rejection

To overcome rejection is to overcome the fear of women. You need to mentally prepare yourself for this and know that you will come out of it stronger. To avoid rejection as much as you can, open up the date with just conversation. No sex, love, or marriage just good clean fun and the lady just might let you in more. Then move in for the kill buddy.