Justin Bieber Launches a Streetwear Line, and It’s as Sleazy as He Is

If you are not into this new hype, don’t worry, they’re already sold out.

Drew House Logo. Justin Bieber's new clothing line.
Drew House


Most people, even some of the fans of Justin Bieber had no idea that his middle name is Drew. The Canadian singer seemed to have realized that and has decided to make it memorable for all. He has launched a streetwear line that probably aims to help people wear streetwear like a boss. The line is called Drew House, and its more attention seeking elements are tees, hoodies and corduroy shorts with print in the crotch area.


The shorts are a bit sleazy, just like the young star and hence will possibly appeal to all his fans. It seems that Justin Bieber was planning to launch this streetwear line for a while now because he has been rocking sleazy looks for a few months. The streetwear line is all about taking it easy, not caring about what people think, embracing the ridiculousness of it all and dressing like a kid selling weed in a parking lot.


Though many items in the streetwear line by Justin Bieber are basic with graphics and a “Drew” print, the art of using colours hasn’t been mastered yet by the brand. The offerings are not so different from any other run-of-the-mill streetwear label.


The cost of the items ranges anywhere from $48 to $148. The cost doesn’t seem to be too high considering the fact that everything is produced in limited runs and is created ethically in Los Angeles.


Given the number of people who like the sleaze god Justin Bieber, it’s not astonishing that everything that hit the web shop was sold out in just a few hours. So, if you want to try something of the “Drew House,” you’ll have to wait.


One of the things that catch the eye are the descriptions. The Mascot hoodie warns that your ex might borrow it without telling you while the Chaz Corduroy Pants say that they are perfect for doing things you do while wearing pants normally. We must say that these descriptions are a bit weird but attractive for some kind of audience, especially the beliebers, won’t you agree?