Kanye West Reveals New Album DONDA At a Listening Party

The album, DONDA, is named after Donda West, Kanye’s mother

Kanye West Reveals New Album Donda At a Listening Party
Kanye West during the DONDA Listening Party

DONDA, the album by Kanye West just got debuted recently at a listening party at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. An excited crowd of 42000 enthusiastic listeners attended the event to be among the first ones to listen to the album.

Kanye West at the DONDA listening party

Perhaps, Kanye West has grown used to revealing his music albums in unique ways. The previous albums Kids See Ghosts and The Life of Pablo were revealed in his Wyoming ranch and during a Madison Square Garden fashion show, respectively.

The album, DONDA, is named after DONDA West, the rapper’s mother. Perhaps the most interesting takeaway from the listening party was that samples of his mother speaking are musically combined into the tracks. Those are followed by some lyrical content in which Kanye West refers to his struggles with loneliness and his relationship with God.



Based on some past teasers, a potential track titled “Kim’s Song” was also a part of the album. However, it was not revealed at the DONDA listening party. A previously reported song titled “Junya Watanabe” featuring Playboy Carti was also not revealed. Currently, it is not certain whether it was a part of the album or just a demo.

Kanye West was seen wearing a bright red variation of the famous Yeezy x GAP jacket along with red trousers. With that, he flaunted a mask that covered his entire face, which is more of a recent addition to his aesthetics.


Another key takeaway was Kim Kardashian’s appearance at the party along with her children. The rapper’s former spouse wore a red jumpsuit, perfectly matching his attire.

With that, the DONDA Listening Party also marked an end to the beef between Kanye West and Jay-Z. The final song of the album titled, “I’m Going to Jail Tonight” featured Jay-Z along with Kanye, leaving fans excited.


Among the most notable verses from the song, fans specifically went crazy over “Told him to stop that red cap, we’re going home”, “Hova and Yeezus, like Moses and Jesus”, and “This might be the return the of the throne”.

Previously, Kanye West had confirmed that the album would release on 23rd July 2021. However, there has been no word of the delay at the DONDA party.