Keanu Reeves’ Constantine 2 is Finally Happening Says Peter Stormare

A sequel to the Constantine movie is in the works according to the star who played Lucifer

Keanu Reeves' Constantine 2 is Finally Happening Says Peter Stormare
Keanu Reeves in Constantine. Image: Warner Bros.

Constantine, an American superhero horror film starring Keanu Reeves that was released in 2005, is finally getting a sequel, Constantine 2 and this was confirmed by one of the stars of the film, Peter Stormare. He played the character of Lucifer in the film.


Stormare has also acted in many other films like American Gods, Armageddon, Fargo, John Wick: Chapter 2 and several other video games like Destiny and Destiny 2.


The news of Constantine 2 being in the works is slightly shocking for some comic books fans and critics who did not appreciate the first film too much. At that time, there were no hopes of getting a sequel, but the rising popularity of Keanu Reeves (who just wrapped up the filming for Matrix 4) has made people rethink.

The Director of Constantine previously said that if Constantine were ever to be made, he and J.J Abrams would be eager to return to it. The producer of the film, Akiva Goldsman also stated that he would make a sequel tomorrow if given a chance.


Stormare has confirmed that Constantine 2 is happening by posting an image on Instagram. In the image, he is Lucifer in Constantine, and the caption says, “Sequel is in the works.” Though he did not say anything about whether Keanu Reeves or other stars are back in Constantine 2 or not, we think it is very unlikely that Keanu Reeves is not in the sequel. It is only a matter of time when his involvement would be made public.



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It would be wise for Keanu Reeves to return to Constantine 2 as he is loved for his roles in action and sci-fi movies. We also hope that the film gets an R rating and is bloody and violent as such movies are doing well these days.



The news of Constantine 2 with Keanu Reeves in it is great for the fans who never gave up hope in all these years. There have been hints about the sequel from the makers too. This year at [email protected] panel, some of the minds behind Constantine shared how fond they were of the first film and what kind of ideas they had in mind for a sequel.