Keto Diet is in Trend and All for the Right Reasons!

Everything you need to know about the keto diet; you will find right here.


Photo by Eduardo Roda Lopes on Unsplash

Keto diet is the latest famous diet which everyone is talking about and obviously, trying as well. All the famous celebrities are swearing by it and if the celebrities are following this diet then there must be something special about it. What is it all about though? It is basically a diet where you consume a high amount of fat, low amount of carbohydrate and a moderate amount of protein. In the whole process, you make the use of fats in your body by taking energy from it and that is why you stay physically and mentally active throughout your diet. This is the guide to you need to get started on your keto and find all the right reasons behind it.

1 – You cannot go wrong with numbers

When it comes to keto you just cannot compromise on the numbers. You cannot just estimate; it is a must that you follow the macro protocol. Fat intake should be around 75% to 80%, protein intake should be 20% and carbohydrate intake should be only 5%. You can calculate the macro protocol by using the IIFYM Calculator. The intake should remain the same for at least a month and then you can adjust your intakes according to your weight. 

2 – Come up with a meal plan

While you are on your keto, it is important for you to come up with a meal plan for every week because this way you are not going to get distracted and you will not end up eating something you shouldn’t have. Since type of diet are in trend right now, you will be able to find brilliant yet quick recipes easily. The trick is to make your meals in batches because it saves plenty of your time throughout the week and you are not going to be worrying about what to make and what not to make every single day.

3 – Say hello to MyFitnessPal and say goodbye to insta-worthy meals

The days are gone where you used to take proper pictures of your meals to put on your Instagram because the second your meal is in front of you, you will be eating it like your life depends on it.

Moreover, you will find yourself using the MyFitnessPal application frequently because it helps with keeping a track of your food intake.

4 – Your wallet will be losing some weight just like you!

Keto is definitely expensive because you need all the best products for your diet to actually get some results but truth to be told it is worth it at the end of the day. However, not every product is going to cost you a lot and you can always come up with a budget to help you from buying products only which fall in within your budget. 

5 – Sugar? No, thank you.

You will miss desserts with high intensity because they fall into the category of carbs and you are only allowed to consume 5% of carbohydrates. Maybe, you can just take a teeny tiny bite of a chocolate cake or your favorite ice cream but it is best to avoid getting yourself in that kind of situation.

6 – Always consult your doctor

Many theories say that keto might be harmful to your health and it only makes you fat in the long term but before believing anything, you must consult your doctor. Every human body response to diets in a different way and if keto is not for you, you will know for yourself.

7 – High on energy!!

Keto basically picks fat as energy and that is why when you are on this diet, you feel extremely energized! It is kind of amazing because even without carbohydrates you do not feel lightheaded or lazy.

Photo by Margo Brodowicz on Unsplash

8 – Do not get carried away

I know, it is hard to stop yourself from having a chocolate when you are craving it but if you end up indulging yourself in a chocolate bar, your body will take few weeks again to start using fat as energy instead of carbohydrates.

However, on few special occasions, you can make an exception by having dessert but you might want to keep the quantity of the dessert as small as possible or else you will have nothing but regrets the next day.

All this information regarding keto is obviously helpful when you want to just follow the trend of keto but do not forget that nothing matters more than your own willingness to do something. Nothing can work as a motivation if you do not want to do it badly yourself. P.s never forget keto diet will help you get that summer body you have been trying to work on since ages.