Kim Kardashian has Officially Filed to Divorce Kanye West

The couple is splitting after almost 7 years of marriage

Kim Kardashian has Filed to Divorce Kanye West
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West file for divorce.

After several rumours and speculation, Kim Kardashian has filed to divorce Kayne West after almost seven years of marriage.


According to a report by TMZ, the American socialite has requested joint custody of the couple’s four children, with the split said to be as amiable as a divorce can be and neither party is planning to contest a prenup. The report also lead to the belief that a property settlement agreement is already being arranged.

While the Kim Kardashian – Kanye West split has only been made official now, according to reports, the celebrity couple have been living separate lives for some time now. Kanye West is reportedly struggling with his mental health and his welfare is well-publicised. Recently, he has found himself in the news on a number of occasions over the past, following unusual actions on social media and a failed presidential campaign.


Kim Kardashian has hired one of Hollywood’s most renowned lawyers, Laura Wasser, as her divorce attorney. Wasser has overseen cases from the likes of Christin Aguilera, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and more. In other news, Dwayne Johnson is keen on running for US president.


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